Spring Cleaning: 5 Pointers to Get You Started

The snow is melting and the buds are starting to bloom. It could only mean one thing: it’s finally spring. For many people, spring brings renewal, warmth, and new beginnings. For others, it means giving your home the deep clean it deserves. We usually spend this time writing down our to-dos and stocking up on cleaning products to get a head start on all the work that needs to be done.

Homeowners rely on things such as professional gardeners and home air purification systems to keep our homes clean and safe for our family. But there’s nothing like a good deep clean to get the negative energies out and let the light in for the coming months. If you need help with your spring-cleaning, here are a few tips and tricks that will improve your productivity and efficiency in no time.

Whether you’re working alone or with your family, these pointers will ensure a faster and more thorough process. Let’s start.

  1. Be methodical

When it comes to spring cleaning, you need to adopt a methodical approach to cover all your bases in the shortest time possible. There are many ways to be strategic when it comes to cleaning. One of the most popular methods is cleaning the house room by room.

It helps to create a to-do list for every room in your house so that you don’t forget anything. You can also divide your tasks according to urgency and frequency. For instance, you can focus on items that haven’t been cleaned or washed in months.

  1. Organize and purge

Most people tend to accumulate clutter over the year, so take this opportunity to get rid of stuff you don’t need. After all, spring signifies renewal, and you want to move on with as little (literal and metaphorical) baggage as possible.

To clean your home, start by identifying the messiest parts of your home. In most cases, the kitchen and the living room need the most work, followed by the bedrooms and the study. Other areas of your home that you also need to pay attention to include drawers, closets, cabinets, and other storage spaces.

Next, analyze why you’ve accumulated so much clutter. For instance, your kitchen may be disorganized because you lack enough storage cabinets to hold all your cooking-related items. Meanwhile, it might be time to get rid of all the magazines that are gathering dust in your living room. Once you’ve identified all the problem areas, you have two options: find a way to store them better or to get rid of them.

  1. Ask for help

cleaning crewSpring cleaning is a tough job, and you don’t have to go it alone. It pays to ask for help from friends and family to speed things up. There may be times that you need to move heavy loads, and it’s nice to have some support. Even just one person cuts your workload in half, so the more people you can get to help you, the better.

Of course, you also need to reward your helpers with a nice meal or a special gift afterward. If all else fails, you can always hire people to help you.

  1. Start with the big jobs

Most cleaning jobs are done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. But you also have big jobs that are done once or twice a year. They’re a pain to do, and we try to put them off as much as we can, but they are essential to keeping your home safe and sound.

Make sure to inspect key parts of your home, such as the roof and windows after winter. You want to spot damage early on so you can initiate repairs while the problem is still small. Now is the time to tackle big jobs such as cleaning all the windows and pressure washing your patio.

  1. Use eco-friendly products

There are hundreds of cleaning products available on the market, many of them claiming to remove the hardiest of stains. ; That may be true, but nine times out of ten, there’s always a harsh chemical involved. Make it a point to choose a mild cleanser to minimize your impact on the environment. Mild cleansers are also safer for pets and children.

The bottom line

These are just some ways to clean your home better. Your house needs a proper clean after the long winter, and spring-cleaning is your opportunity to give your home the boost it needs.

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