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Why We Love to Renovate

People renovate homes and commercial spaces for many reasons. The most common is the literal need for more space.

Some individuals might be taking care of a growing family. Many families live perfectly happy and content lives with a small space, even with more than two kids. But some really need more space to ensure that everyone in the family stays comfortable. Sometimes, it’s just more cost-effective to renovate rather than move to a new home.

Renovating doesn’t apply to families only. Businesses also renovate all the time. Some need commercial additions for expanding businesses. They need to make sure that they have ample space for their product displays or office cubicles for more employees.

Companies also do renovations if they’re launching a new look and branding. Of course, their workspace needs to reflect that new identity.

These needs are clear. But we can’t deny that many people renovate homes and workspaces for reasons other than the sheer need to do so. Let’s find out what benefits people gain from renovating.

Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment

Some people think renovations are a pain. They have to temporarily move somewhere else while the renovation is ongoing. They have to examine paint and fabric swatches for hours at a time. They have to explore one furniture store after another in the hopes of finding the best pieces they could use at home or in the workplace.

But some love exactly those tasks. It’s also because of the feeling they get after finishing their renovation project. CouponFollow, a real-time money-saving search engine that categorizes coupons, conducted a study on this matter. Their goal is to understand why people love doing DIY projects. The results showed that 34 percent of their survey respondents love doing such projects because it eases away their mental health struggles.

The best thing about finishing renovations is that you get to bask in the rewards of your hard work. Just the act of standing in the middle of the room that you renovated gives you that feeling of success.

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Changing Your Home and Work Environment

Your need to renovate may also boil down to one thing: the need for change. This need grew exponentially in the last few months. With the social distancing rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are staying at home more than they go out. They eat, sleep, and work at home. So no one can really blame them for wanting to change their surroundings. It is, after all, the ultimate cure to cabin fever.

Even the CouponFollow survey found that 55 percent of their respondents love to renovate now because they’re home all the time. By making a few changes to your home, you can make it look and feel new. You wouldn’t feel that you’re spending time in one place at all hours of the day. It’s the best way to refresh your mood and outlook about spending your days at home.

Most of all, by improving your home space, you’re also ensuring that you are practicing social distancing and being properly protected from the coronavirus.

Doing Projects with Your Family and Friends

When people want to have major renovations done at home, such as tearing down walls, installing plumbing, and redirecting electrical wiring, they typically turn to designers and contractors. After all, it’s best to leave the big changes up to the professionals.

But some renovation projects are more manageable than others. These include repainting rooms and replacing furniture. DIY fans love to do such projects with the help of their friends and family members. It’s an opportunity to bond with them or do something together during the pandemic.

Some might say that this is such a chore and that they could bond with their loved ones without subjecting them to hard work. But some may also argue that renovating and doing DIY projects with other people can bring more memorable experiences. You get to share ideas and opinions about colors, textures, and styles, and even painting procedures. You get to chat while painting away. And, most of all, you get to enjoy the good feeling of finishing a project together and celebrating it after.

For these reasons, it’s clear that renovating homes and workspaces are more than just needing more space for practical purposes. There’s also that sheer joy that comes when the work is done. You get to enjoy the new room, basement, or office. Even though you haven’t moved houses or buildings, you feel that you’re about to start a new chapter in your home and work life.

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