Visiting Mexico City? Check Out These Attractions

One of the oldest and biggest cities in North America is Mexico City. Tourists will find this place filled with iconic artwork, colonial architecture and rich cultural heritage.

Another appeal of Mexico City is the seemingly limitless things you can do while you’re here. You could visit several museums, landmarks and parks — and still think that you’ve barely scratched the surface with this city. One thing’s for sure: you’ll be scheduling multiple trips once you finish your first visit.

If you’re unsure where to begin your journey, take the plunge and check out these fantastic tourist attractions:

Plaza Garibaldi

playing guitar

You’ll find this plaza a few blocks north of Palacio de Bellas Artes. Travelers will often find roving mariachi bands serenading visitors with lively and joyful music. These bands are incredibly talented — and may just inspire you to take up guitar lessons and discover the wonders of mariachi music.

Plaza Garibaldi also serves as a cultural meeting point. Tourists come in day and night to watch bands solicit passersby, vehicles and bar patrons to buy a song.

Palacio Nacional

This famous tourist attraction houses “The History of Mexico,” a famous mural by Diego Rivera. The captivating and grandiose artwork gives visitors the unique opportunity to learn about the past of Mexico.

The best part of this attraction is that it’s free. Prepare to see a mix of both local and international tourists who come to marvel at Rivera’s incredible masterpiece.


Don’t be afraid to try out new restaurants when you’re in Mexico City. One food establishment you should visit when you’re in the city is Amaya. This farm-to-table and wine-focused restaurant features a colorful mural combined with an urban-chic look.

The menu here will have your mouth salivating. Apart from the wide range of wines, you could order dishes that showcase the flavor of Mexican cuisine. A few of them include roasted rabbit, fried soft shell crab and ricotta gnocchi.

Bosque de Chapultepec

Chapultepec is the biggest park in Mexico City with a land area of more than 1,600 acres. It’s home to several major historical sites. Near the entrance of the park stands the Monument of Young Heroes, a statue honoring the six young and brave cadets who refused to surrender during the Battle of Chapultepec.

The sprawling park also features other attractions, such as the National Museum of Anthropology, Tamayo Museum and a botanical garden. Right outside the anthropology museum, you’ll come across entertainers in costume performing voladores, a fertility dance that expresses harmony with and respect for the spiritual and natural worlds.

Museo Frida Kahlo (Casa Azul)

This museum allows you to walk in the same place where Frida Kahlo was born, lived and died. This little and humble abode is carefully maintained and preserved. The museum also features the artist’s bed, her clothes, her diary and works of art like Viva la Vida.


This “magical neighborhood” showcases colonial churches, lively markets and vibrant cobblestone streets that will transport you back in time. You’ll find Jardín Centenario, along with a fountain honoring the coyote, in the main plaza.  ;


This UNESCO World Heritage Site is an extensive canal system and lake that linked many of the settlements in the valley. When you visit Xochimilco, you will ride the traditional trajinera boats and float through the attraction’s canals. During the tour, you’ll find boats with marimbas and mariachi players who will brighten up your trip and play a few songs.

Templo Mayor

This was the center of the pre-Hispanic Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. Archaeologists excavated the religious site in the 1970s after finding it under the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral.

When visiting Templo Mayor, take a good look at the site’s ceremonial platforms, pyramids and the main templates dedicated to honoring the war and rain gods. The site also has a museum where you could check out many of the artifacts of the Aztec era.

La Lagunilla

Before you leave Mexico City, make sure you get a souvenir at La Lagunilla, a famous open air market. During Sundays, you’ll find hundreds of sellers arriving early in the morning to set up their market stall in the Morelos district. You won’t be disappointed at the goods they sell, as sellers offer all sorts of items, clothing and vintage furniture.

La Ciudadela

Another shopping destination you could visit is the artisanal market of La Ciudadela. This tourist hotspot sells a wide range of unique wares, including Talavera plates, skulls and jaguar heads made using black mud.

Have a grand time in Mexico City by visiting one or more of these incredible tourist attractions. If you’re touring the city for the first time, don’t try to visit multiple places in one day. Check one or two places, take the time to learn about the rich culture and history and snap plenty of photos of your trip.

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