Top Hotel Features for Leisure Travelers

Leisure travel is becoming a way of living. The people’s love for new experiences seems insatiable. Tourists prefer some places for several reasons. The city of Provo in Utah is consistent in the lists of sites chosen for a vacation destination.

With the influx of tourists, hotels are becoming a busy industry. There is stiff competition to persuade the tourists to book in their establishments. A good plumbing and an excellent running air-conditioning unit in your Provo hotel are essential and non-negotiable.

Aside from these, what other things are leisure travelers looking for? Here is a rundown on some of the most common answers.

The Heart of Activities

The location of an establishment matter to booking travelers. They would love to have easy access to tourist attractions. They love to pack their days with worthwhile itineraries. They could get discouraged on a long travel time getting to the places that they would love to visit.

One way to step up with this concern is to offer shuttle services or something similar. This way, they could reach their destination without much hassle.

Custom Experience

Your clients would look for more than a comfortable place to stay. When they are not outside exploring, they will look for unique ways to spend their time. It could be as simple as having complimentary champagne every Friday night. You could also focus on activities that bring them together.

A live band jam on the hotel’s rooftop or a dance lesson for your guests to mingle with each other. These unusual attributes are what will set you apart from other hotels. Be sure to study what appeals to most of your clients. Create a unique experience for them.

It will need much of your creativity, but it could earn you a repeat booking or a solid referral.

Appeal to the Palate

 A big part of a wonderful travel experience is good food. Since traveling is “being away from home," travelers would look forward to not having to cook. Yet, they are going to need food to fuel them.

Make sure that your establishment could offer them a wide range of dining options.

Restaurants (both with sit-down meals and buffets), cafes, snack bars and room services. It is wise to have some of these running 24/7. It would also be a good idea to have menus that cater to children.

Let Them Stay Connected

Wi-Fi, what was before a special treat is now a basic amenity. Let your guests stay connected with high-speed internet. Also, make sure that their connectivity would not get interrupted at any corner of the hotel.

Top Caliber Facilities

Hotel pool

Provide them with options of things they can do when inside the establishment. Relax at the spa, have a cool dip or a lap in the pool, keep fit in the gym, or a romp at the children’s play area. Make your hotel a one-stop place for all their activities.

Also, some of the guests might need basic housekeeping services. There should be laundry, ironing, and alterations services or stations at their disposal.

Nowadays, travelers are not only concerned with the price of their accommodations. They are more willing to spend their money on the total travel experience. The details of a good trip go beyond to what they experience on the streets. It also encompasses what they had in their place of accommodation.

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