Unusual Ways to Save Hundreds of Dollars on Utility Bills Each Year

There are seasons when you’ll find your utility costs to be sky-high. Even in regular months, you can find your energy and water bills taking a toll on your budget. Since electricity and water are a necessity, one should just keep on paying what you consume. But what if there are things you can do that can help you keep your utility costs to a minimum?

You may already know some energy- and water-saving tips to lower your bills each month. This can include turning off appliances no one is using. Some homeowners choose a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature quickly. Others wash their clothes in a cold setting and air-dry their laundry afterwards. If you want more effective yet unusual ways to save money on utility bills, get ready to take down some notes.

Invest in an outdoor kitchen

If you’ve got the budget for an outdoor kitchen, then don’t hesitate to invest in one. An outdoor kitchen will not only serve as an additional living space where you can entertain guests and experiment on new recipes. One surprising benefit of an outdoor kitchen is that it can help lower your energy bills. 

When you cook inside your home, the temperature elevates. This results in your air-conditioning unit working overtime. Cooking outdoors allows you to give your cooling equipment a break. With lower energy usage, this leads to energy savings each time you cook in your outdoor kitchen in Salt Lake City.

Turn down your water heater

Some people like to keep their water heater at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The harder your water heater works, the more electricity it uses. Keeping it at 120 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to reduce energy consumption. It even decreases standby losses.

Before you go on and adjust the temperature, make sure to read your manual first. The location of the thermostat’s dial will depend on which water heater you are trying to adjust. Make sure to read your manuals. Turn off the electricity of your heater before touching the panels.

Choose energy-efficient appliances

air-conditioning system

We already know that most appliances nowadays are more energy-efficient than ever. If you are planning to replace any of your appliances, make sure to choose one with an Energy Star label on it. Also, it pays to check which appliances allow you to claim tax incentives. This includes solar-powered electric equipment, water heaters, and solar panels. 

Choose white paint for your roof

Is it time to repaint your roof? Then consider white paint as your next splash of paint. As it turns out, homeowners get to save cash by painting their roofs white. The reason behind this is that white paint helps reflect heat. The lower the amount of heat your roof absorbs, the less heat that can enter your home. Take note that there are factors you need to consider for this trick to work. You will need to consider the size and type of your roof, your budget, and the heat-reflecting paint for roofs.

This list may be a short one, but it can definitely help lower your utility bills in no time. Don’t let your water and energy bills to wear down your paycheck. By keeping this list in mind, you can definitely start consuming the amount you need. This means more savings at the end of the year for you to enjoy.

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