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Treatments That Will Improve Your Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are pretty bare-bones and quick to set up. The problem is that the gray color and hard surface makes it unattractive. If you want something better but want the base to stay concrete, then you might choose to get some floor treatments. There are concrete floor treatments that can turn a boring floor into a work of art.     Here are some of the options available to you:

Acid Staining

The most common complaint against concrete is its uniform color. But there are ways to change the color of your floor. Concrete is very porous and this means that acid can seep into it and create a chemical reaction that will change the pigment of the concrete. With the right mix, you can turn gray into any color you want. You can even apply it in creative designs. The results also depend on the mix of substances.

For example, you can make your concrete floor look like marble with some smart application of acids. After the treatment is done, you can apply a layer of high-quality urethane cement sealer or another sealant to protect the results.


You might also try dyeing the floor. This takes advantage of the same porosity that acid staining uses. The results are different though. Instead of the natural mottling that acid staining can do, dyeing is more flat and distributed. The effect is similar to painting the concrete one color but with the coloring part of the concrete instead of being a layer over it. You will then apply a sealant over the concrete similar to what you did for acid staining.

Epoxy Coating

Another treatment for concrete is to coat it with a layer of epoxy. Since epoxy is available in color, you can apply the coating and leave it like that to harden. It is like painting the floor except you are using epoxy to do it. The advantage of this approach is that the epoxy also acts as protection for the concrete floor underneath. You can also do multiple colors instead of limiting yourself to only one.


Concrete can do well on its own. All you need to do is to polish it right. This is done by using abrasive pads attached to a floor polisher. You then grind down the rough surface of the concrete until it is smooth. This approach is very time-consuming but the results are pretty impressive. You can then apply acid staining or dyeing on the floor to add some color, and then finish it up with some sealant for the final layer of protection.


Tiling a cement floor

If you want something simple, then you can choose to place tiles over the concrete floor. Place rubber or plastic tiles over the floor and you should be done in an afternoon. You would usually do this for your garage to protect the floor, but you can also do this in the areas of your house where you don’t see many guests, such as your basement.

Concrete seems too harsh in its basic form. But the right treatment can turn your stark flooring into an impressive sight. The options above are a good start, but you can talk to your local contractor about other flooring options. Choose the right one and you can be sure that people will notice your floors more.

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