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A Clean Home: Maintaining the Beauty of Tiles

Tiles are a common architectural element in any building. It elevates the appearance of a space and is versatile enough for thousand design possibilities and applications in homes and commercial buildings. As with any materials in architecture, tiles are prone to wear and dirt if not properly maintained.

A Brief History

Tiles have been around for a thousand years, and they’ve been preferred for their decorative and architectural use. It came from the French word “tile,” which was derived from the Latin “tegula” — a type of roof tile made from baked clay. Through the invention of cement and clay bricks, tiles became a popular adornment for homes and palaces in early civilizations.

The earliest evidence of glazed bricks can be found in the Elamite Temple at Chogha Zanbil (translated as basket mound), an elaborate complex in Khuzestan, a province of Iran. One of the existing ziggurats outside ancient Mesopotamia, a popular use of colored brick can be found in the Ishtar Gate of Babylon. A scarcity of stone brought about the use of bricks — kiln-fired brick made from wet earth. This acts as a protective skin and fortification in buildings back then.

Tile Types

There are a number of tiles people can choose from for homes and offices. Ceramic and porcelain are popular because of their durability and low-maintenance properties. Glass and marble tiles are preferred for their polished look, they’re mostly found in corporate spaces and chic establishments. Stone tiles give a rough and rugged look to a space, preferred by most home owners to achieve earthy aesthetic.

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Regular cleaning makes tiles look brand new, but time can take a toll on them and cleaning superficial dirt is not enough to maintain their beauty. Professional help is needed to restore the worn and old looking tile that homeowners have loved. Luckily, there are professional services for tile cleaning in Provo and other parts of Utah that can help anybody with tile upkeep.

Professional Cleaning vs. Regrouting

Tiles can be claimed as maintenance-free, that it only needs to be wiped down to look good, but that is only in the surface. No matter how often you clean your tiles, there can be unseen dirt that the grout can absorb. Grout is porous, and it provides adhesion and covers the gap between tiles. If tiles are not properly sealed, mold and other harmful bacteria can thrive in the crevices of grout and tiles. These are contaminants that can be dangerous for household health.

There are two options to restore tiles to their former condition, one is through regrouting, which can be costly and time-consuming, and the other is through hiring professional cleaners, which takes only a few hours to a day. Professional cleaners have the necessary tools and equipment to clean tiles intensely. They can also restore the tile through deep cleaning the surface and the grout. This eliminates unwanted harmful contaminants, resulting in better health for the household.

Dirt buildup can break down the grout and tile, which causes damages unseen by the naked eye. This may result in the replacement of tiles. Professional cleaners remove dirt and lessen the chances of having the tile replaced, which is why you should put off that DIY project. In conclusion, hiring professional help is better than DIY cleaning or regrouting. Commercial cleaners and solutions can only help us clean surface-level dirt. A professional can help us maintain the tiles for a long time.

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