Social Class: The Way You Act Dictates It

Class sets you apart. You can be high-class because of your social standing, but it’s always the way you act that tells others if you have class. It’s also easy to gain respect when you act right. This is evident in people who choose their battles. They always take the high road.

How do you recognize a classy person? Here’s how.

Social Class According to Society

Society dictates that a classy person is book smart with a stable career and income. They are graduates of reputable schools and come from prominent universities. Most of them also took their masters and doctorate degrees. That said, people tend to look up to doctors and engineers more than lower ranking workers.

These people also earn more. They pursue higher salaries for themselves, especially when they’re already experts in their fields, and as a result, enjoy more privileges like bigger houses, different cars, and other properties. They’re considered wealthy people. Some are new rich while others come from old money.

Factors That Affect Class

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Class sometimes depends on perspective. Some people exude a classy persona even when they’re only walking. There’s a classy “air” to them that makes everyone say that this person has class.

Another factor is how they speak. Classy people always say the right terms. They rarely use foul language. They also speak in a calm demeanor and don’t speak ill about others. Their accent, vocabulary, and grammar are impeccable.

Classy people eat with manners. They’re quiet while eating and don’t open their mouths when full. They know proper table manners and etiquette. Most of these people even took training for table manners. These training workshops include using the right utensils.

Sometimes a person who doesn’t come from a high-society family still manages to act classy. This is because of workshops like personality development. These workshops teach students how to act in front of others. They learn about different situations and how they can act well in those situations.

In the old days, people could tell a person’s rank by the way they dress. The upper class will wear fine clothing and jewelry. Today, jewelry like a 14k rose gold anklet can show you’ve got class. Real gold jewelry has been a sign of class for many years. Lower classes are bound to wear synthetic items. The public tends to call women who wear revealing clothes and heavy makeup get low-class.

Manners are important to convey class. Well-mannered individuals are respectful even when they know their standing. They treat other people with respect and even open doors for elders and others. They also don’t put other people down just because they can and they practice kindness to whoever needs it.

How Do You Become Classy Even If You’re Not Born Rich?

You can still be classy when you act properly. Aside from that, you can still get rich if you work hard. This means working your way to your goals. Keep in mind that you have to work more when you don’t have the right resources. This may mean you need to spend more hours building your career or growing a business.

You can reach your dreams when you’re prepared to take on the challenge. You should be generous and humble when you reach your goals. Be respectful, polite, and act with good manners even when you’ve already reached success. This shows your class.

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