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Should You Get an Outdoor Shower? Here Are the Reasons

Taking a shower does not have to feel like something you need to do after a long workday. It has the capacity to relax your muscles and calm your mind. It also can be a luxurious experience.

Many people are pouring money to transform the bathrooms inside their homes. Although an expensive bathroom can improve a person’s mood and turn bathing into an enjoyable activity, why not consider getting an outdoor shower, too?

An outdoor shower recreates a spa or resort vibe in your own property. It will bring you to Bali, Hawaii, or any tropical destination without the hassle or expense of getting on a plane or driving somewhere far.

If you are still on the fence, here are the top reasons you should build an outdoor shower and some tips to make this project a reality.

If You Have a Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool within your property or you live nearby a body of water, installing an outdoor shower should be a no-brainer. All you need is to source shower enclosures from an online or your local home improvement store.

Having an outdoor shower ensures that everyone, including your guests, will enter the pool clean. People can bring all sorts of germs into the water, spreading and infecting everyone in it.

Some germs that have been found in pools are Cryptosporidium (Crypto) Legionella and Pseudomonas.

An outdoor shower is more necessary if you have a hot tub. Because hot tubs are smaller and the water is warm, it creates the perfect environment for nasty bacteria to multiply.

Dipping into a hot tub can lead to Pseudomonas folliculitis, aptly referred to as the hot tub rash. Those infected will develop a rash that often follows the shape of their bathing suit and may develop blisters with pus on their hair follicles. It is not serious; it will clear out on its own after a while. However, it shows how nasty the germs that are clinging to people and then spreading to hot tubs are.

Outdoor showers can also make the process of changing in and out of a bathing suit more convenient. You and your guests no longer have to go inside to put on dry clothes after a swim.

If You Have Kids… Or Dogs

Ask your kids to play outside, and they will find all the ways that can make themselves dirty. Instead of bringing all that mud indoors into the bathroom, they can shower outdoors.

The same applies to dogs. Dogs love to jump around in puddles or any body of water. They come home covered in mud that they drag throughout your flooring. You can wash them before they enter your home.

If you do not want something temporary, a portable shower tent will provide a convenient covering. When not in use, you can stash them in your garage or garden shed so that it is not unnecessarily taking up space in your backyard.

It Can Be Pretty Hot in the Summer

Summer is the time for outdoor activities, and that includes showers. A cool shower on a hot day is refreshing. If you shower outside under the hot summer sun and with the cool breeze, touch your skin? It will be one of the best experiences you have ever had.

Place your outdoor shower in a shadow portion of your backyard. For example, an old tree can provide you a nice and comfortable little shade for your afternoon shower.

It will also be a great way to end a morning run during the warmer months. A cold shower will cool your tired muscles and your overheating body quickly.

If You Have Ever Enjoyed Standing Under the Rain

You can recreate the experience of being outdoors while there is a storm raging around you with an outdoor shower. You can actually buy a shower head that mimics raindrops.

It is more than just a passing trend; it is fun, refreshing, and calming. It can even feel like a massage when you are stressed and overwhelmed at work or life overall.

An open outdoor shower can make the feeling of playing in the rain more authentic. You can style the spot by adding rocks for proper drainage and plants around you to give you a little more privacy.


An outdoor shower should be a necessary feature in any home because it offers convenience. It is the perfect way to cap off any activity, whether you have a pool or you like to go on a jog. Moreover, it can increase your enjoyment of your property and make you appreciate being outside more often.

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