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Safety Measures After a Tree Falls to Your Home

Every tree carries a life. Embedded in the texture of its bark are the years it has lived. Its branches carry the interconnected stories it has witnessed. The leaves are a testament to the ever-changing seasons it has weathered. And the tree’s roots ground it from the place where it bloomed.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, cutting down a tree is always a tough decision to make, even if the purpose is for its benefit, as well as the safety of the people and structures within the area. People’s connection with nature makes it difficult to finally accept that a tree has to go.

There are various reasons why one would need tree removal services. For instance, a natural calamity in the form of a typhoon or insect infestation makes cutting down the tree an unavoidable act. Another reason, one that causes you to be torn in your decision is extending a part of your home for your growing family. It’s a case of you-don’t-want-to-but-you-have-to.

Tree removal services in Sandy and the neighboring cities around Utah are easily accessible. However, in choosing a tree care service provider, it’s best to avail the help of a company that provides honest advice if the tree in your property has to be removed. Another criterion to consider is if the company has the right tools and experience in providing such a service.

In cases when a tree has already fallen to your property due to natural calamities, here are some steps you can take to keep your family safe from harm:

  1. Call for help.

You can opt to call 911 or a tree care service in case an unfortunate event such as this happens. Most importantly, try not to deal with the issue by yourself; you will only endanger yourself. Climbing the roof, even for professionals, poses a danger, especially during a storm. You will leave yourself vulnerable to lighting and strong winds. In addition, the weight of the tree trunk can compromise the stability of your roof; it might cause your roof to collapse while you’re on it. When you call for help, advice on what to do will be given to you. That way, you’ll know the right action depending on the current situation.

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  1. Evacuate your home.

During times of calamity, make sure you have an evacuation plan ready when the worst comes to worst. It is also beneficial to have an evacuation kit prepared for grabs at all times. When a huge tree falls on your house’s roof or edifice, leave the confines of your property because you’ll never know how long your roof or your home’s structure can support the tree trunk. Be aware, as well, of the happenings outside. See if it’s safe to travel the roads.

  1. Make sure your home is safe from theft.

Sadly, some people do take advantage of other people’s misfortune for their benefit. Evacuating your home means you’ll leave it alone for some time. Make sure your windows and doors are locked before you leave the property. Secure your valuables along with your essential documents.

The thought of leaving your home on its own can cause you to second guess your decision, but remember that a fallen tree on your home is not to be taken lightly. Prioritize your family’s safety, among other things. Perhaps, after all that, plant another tree as a form of respect to the tree that has been uprooted. 

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