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Four Ways to Use Your Windows for Interior Decor

Windows are often underrated, but they create an impact on how your home looks, inside and outside. The key is in the design. Small changes in the design of your residential windows in Salt Lake City can enhance your home’s appearance.

Whether you’re planning to re-do your windows or get new ones, follow these design and décor tips to make your home more attractive.

Pay attention to the window trim

If your house comes with beautiful built-in windows, you can take advantage of this by adding window trims. Window trims help you highlight the window, making it the focal point of your room. If you have a vintage home, a window trim can add to its quaint appeal. Even modern homes can benefit from well-placed window trims because they make the home more energy-efficient. They cover gaps while boosting the room’s aesthetic appeal.

They are quite easy to install by yourself and don’t require experts. Consider window trims as a cost-effective way to revamp the appearance of your worn-out windows.

Play with spacing

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You can make your window look larger or smaller, depending on what your room requires. You can adjust the size of your drapes to make the window look taller or shorter. Curtains hanging higher above the window will make the room ceilings appear higher. Long, flowing curtains also create the appearance of a high ceiling. If you want to widen your space, try to use shorter curtains that separate the room in two and create a horizontal dividing line.

Experiment with fabrics and patterns

Just as the length of the curtain affects how your window looks, so does the curtain fabric. Vertical patterns that run upwards, such as vines or stripes, will make the room look tall. If you want to make the room look bigger, use lighter-colored window treatments. White chiffon curtains make a beautiful and airy addition to any room. Thick, dark curtains make the room look smaller. So if you want to create a feeling of coziness in a large space and add zones to your room, dark, patterned curtains might do the trick.

Use plants to add a natural look

Windows and window sills are suitable for growing plants in natural light. If you have a sun-facing window, you can easily grow a menagerie of plants, both native and exotic, with insulated windows working as a greenhouse during the summer. Even if your window doesn’t face the sun, your room can still support a range of low-light plants. They give your home a warm appearance and purifies the air indoors.

Playing with different window decor styles will help you highlight interesting features in your room. If your window is poorly placed or too small and narrow, these tricks can also help you cover it. Pay attention to both the interior and exterior of your windows to make your home truly stand out.

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