Boost Your Home’s Exterior This Spring

You may be preparing for a long and hard winter now. During winter, your home will get a battering from the rain and sleet and, sometimes in Seattle, a few days of snow. When spring comes, you might suddenly see that your home looks worn out after the long season. But don’t worry, there are steps that you can take to jazz up your home’s exterior appearance. Here, we talk about some of the common effects that winter has on homes. We also discuss ways to work around the effects.

Buildup of debris

The first and easiest problem to deal with on this list is the buildup of debris and dirt brought by winter. You will notice that the colder season leads to easy growth of mold. You may also have experienced burst exterior pipes during the freezing cold. This can lead to water pooling around your foundations and causing dark mold to grow on the corners of your house. 

Get rid of any buildup come spring so that mold doesn’t get the first chance to grow. Autumn means falling leaves, and these falling leaves can get frozen over during winter to cause ugly stains on your concrete. Remove the buildup of debris and clean with bleach to make your driveway and walkways look clean. 

Dirty windows

The windows of your house are bound to get mucky during winter. The constant rain and snow will lead to calcium buildup. These deposits can cause stains on your window, so make sure to do a thorough cleaning. But be careful as a lot of the chemicals used for cleaning can be harmful to any flowerbeds or plants place under your window. Dependable window cleaning companies in Seattle will be able to help you clean your windows that are hard to reach in a professional way, and while adhering to your requirements.

Cleaning windows

Damaged siding

Your window siding might get damaged during a particularly rough winter, especially if it’s made of wood. You will notice any signs of damaged siding right away. These include cracks in the paint or material and issues such as rot or decay. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you take steps to seal your siding before winter comes. You may also have to give your siding paint a do-over in the spring. 

Chipped paint

This is a problem for most houses after winter. You might notice that parts of your paint are fading and that there are areas that look worn out from a distance. You can touch up parts of your home to deal with this issue. A full exterior paint job can be expensive, and it is generally needed only once in ten years. You can instead do touch-ups from time to time to keep a gleaming appearance.

Homeownership and maintenance can be hard in spring. It requires preplanning, which helps keep damage to a minimum. By taking care of these maintenance issues for your home’s exterior, your home will be ready for spring in no time. 

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