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DIY Apartment Makeover Tips

We’re sure you’ve heard of this new phrase everyone’s using: “Instagram worthy.” Nowadays, people on the social media platform called Instagram are posting photos that show nice places or luxury lifestyles. Everything on Instagram reflects what people want others to see.

Restaurants or coffee shops, for example, are giving their stores a minimalist and modern look to appeal to the young generation. They want people to come and take “Instagram worthy” photos and post them online to attract more customers.

You’ve probably experienced scrolling through your feed and seeing a photo of a nice apartment. You think to yourself, “I want to have a home like that.” Even homes now are being made “Instagram worthy.”

Why admire beautiful apartments online when you can make your home look like that? Remodel your apartment to an aesthetically pleasing, “Instagram worthy” space with these tips!

Think of a theme

What makes a place look clean and beautiful is the cohesiveness of the decorations and furniture. If all the colors and palettes come together, they form a gorgeous piece as a whole.

For your “Instagram worthy” apartment, think of a theme you want to have. Whether it be a color or a vibe, your theme will guide you in your whole decorating effort.


We don’t mean excessive materials and eye-popping colored furniture. Decorate according to your theme. Paint your walls with a relaxing, comfortable color, according to your preferences. And get furniture that will match your theme. Changing your curtains to a nice, luxury kind and color will give your apartment a completely new look!

Look from the ground up. That means starting with your flooring. If you think your floor needs a makeover too, it’s easy to fix that! You can try sticking wallpaper on your floor or leaning into calling epoxy floor sealers in Utah. But if that seems like too much work and money, a nice big carpet might do the trick.

Think about getting new furniture. It might sound a little costly. But you don’t have to get the most expensive couch in the store. There are many cheap but quality pieces of furniture you can get.

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Create Storage

Part of what makes a house look messy and unaesthetic is all the stuff. Some things, especially small ones, can look like clutter and destroy the vibe of the room. Find someplace to store and hide things, so your apartment looks clean and clutter-free.

You can choose to have some storage places installed on the wall to save space. But another option is to get those neatly made boxes to put all your stuff in. As much as possible, try to keep clutter out of sight.


No matter how nice each piece of furniture looks, your apartment’s not going to look good as a whole if they’re not cohesive. As much as possible, keep everything organized. Each object needs to have a home. In other words, find a place for all your things and make sure to bring it back where they belong when not in use.

Part of organizing is making sure everything looks good where it is. Think about the layout of your apartment and find the best place to lay down the furniture.

Giving your apartment a makeover doesn’t need to cost you a lot of time and money. Just simple acts of organizing and going by a theme can help you remodel your home. And the most important thing is always to declutter and to keep your space clean.

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