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Make Your Bathroom Cozy and Calming by Giving These Ideas a Try

For some of us, the bathroom is not just a typical part of the house. It’s a sacred haven where you can be alone. A spot where you can have time on your own. It’s a place where you can be just yourself.

That’s why some want their bathrooms to agree with every mood they want to feel. They want it customized from the interior design down to every fixture. If you also want to exude a relaxing vibe for your bathroom, you can try it too.

But where do you start it with? Which part of the bathroom should you modify? Check out some ideas that you can try to make your bathroom cozy and calming.

Love the lighting

Everyone knows that lighting can instantly change the ambiance of your surrounding. There was actually a study suggesting that light can significantly affect our moods. If you’re prioritizing relaxation, you can start with the lighting of your bathroom. Dimmed lights with yellow warm tones can be soothing to the eyes. There are lights that you can also put behind the mirrors. Compact fluorescent lamps are perfect for this setup. They can add ethereal vibes to your bathroom walls that can give you a serene feeling.

Those trendy sunset lamps are also good buys. The light they project on the walls can give off a relaxing aura when you just want to contemplate on your tub. There are a lot of ways to exude moods through bathroom lights and lamps. You just have to know how to execute the perfect lighting depending on your preference.

Play with paints and colors

Good lighting can never be fully appreciated if it’s reflecting on wall colors that don’t go well with it. This is why if you want to maximize the experience, you should also consider the color of your walls. Do this by choosing paints that you think will appeal to you visually. Prefer paints that would be perfect for the aesthetics you’re going in. Grey paint can go very well with white lights.

This combination embodies the basic elements of minimalism. Meanwhile, you can go with bright colors if you want to add playful tints to your bathroom walls. Make your walls plain and avoid distracting patterns if you want a calming sight.

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Fancy fixtures for the feels

Your bathtub, sink, or washbasin should blend well with the color you painted on your walls. They don’t necessarily need to be similar in color, but they should match. Fixtures with darker colors will go great against a lighter backdrop. If the sinks and walls are complimentary, the fixtures can give an accent to the whole bathroom.

A monochromatic approach will never go out of style too. White fixtures will look good on white walls. A homogeneous bathroom looks tranquil and quiet. It blurs your focus on details which is good if you want a restful bathroom experience.

Wind down on warm water

A day of relaxation in the bathroom will never be complete without bathing. Soaking in a tub of warm water after a long day at work has health benefits too. Aside from that, it relaxes your muscles and somehow eases the body aches you feel. Having the right water temperature for your bathing is necessary. It can give you the relaxation your body deserves.

A reliable plumbing service provider can do the job so you can have the best water temperature for your bath time. Give in to the steam brought to you by the warm water on your tub. Dip your whole body freely and close your eyes. Just imagine you are forest bathing or you’re inside an Onsen in Japan. It’s one of the most effective ways to relieve stress.

Search for soothing scents

Fill your bathroom with an irresistible aroma. You can shop for scents that are perfect for setting the mood in your bathroom. Shop for scented oils you can add to your humidifier. Potpourris are also a great way to add a lovely fragrance to your bathroom. Leave these dried flowers in their bottles. Let the containers open for some time so the scent could spread out. You can also go for scented candles.

These special candles can induce relaxation. Light them up while you’re enjoying your time in the bathtub. Satisfy your olfactory senses with the perfect scents to switch up the cozy vibe of your bathroom.

Make your bathroom a paradise for your senses. Spend your private time in a relaxing setup. Reward yourself with a calming bath after a stressful day in the office. Improve your mental and physical state with these enhancements for your bathroom.

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