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5 Ways to Get Cozy at Home This Winter amid COVID

Since it looks like the coronavirus pandemic will linger until the end of the year, ​you might spend winter at home.

Learn to get cozy as early as now with this detailed plan:

1. Clean the Fireplace

Now is the best time to ensure your fireplace is in excellent condition. Cleaning teams are still available and thus can accommodate your request. The cost of hiring them is more likely cheaper than in November or December.

Most of all, you can keep your home safe. Besides soot and debris, chimneys can accumulate sticky deposits called creosote. As time passes, it becomes flammable.

Note: Some heat goes a long way during winter, but what if a traditional fireplace is impossible for you? Fortunately, you now have other options, such as electric and gas fireplaces.

2. Cover the Patio

Watching the falling snow by the window is a relaxing activity, but you can do better than that. Cover your patio so you can experience winter up close.

It’s easier than you’d think. If you know of roofing installation, buy corrugated roof sheets.

As PVC sheets, they’re durable yet lightweight. They’re available in different colors in case you want to keep up with a home theme. They’re also more convenient to work with.

3. Build a Cabin

Hunkering down means skipping log cabins and trips to the ski resorts. The good news is you can bring the experience right in your yard.

If you still have enough space in your garden, build a cabin or shed. It’s an excellent way to break the monotony of everyday quarantine life. If you are expecting guests (​hopefully, I hope not too many), you can have a spare room for them.

Note: If this activity time-consuming, buy a cabin kit. Choose the design and size that fit your space.

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4. Grab or Pre-order Your Books

Why do many people read books in winter? A couple of reasons. They have more time to catch up on reading. This activity helps them pass the time. It’s also an excellent way to practice hygge, which is having fun while getting comfortable in the cold weather.

Usually, search data for books rise before, during, and a few weeks after the holidays. This demand could mean a higher cost (partly due to shipping) and plenty of competition. You might buy the books you like now. If the titles are still for release, pre-order them.

5. Plan Your Intimate Holiday Party

With the COVID-19 pandemic still around, this year’s holiday parties will differ vastly from the previous decades. You might need to keep the number of guests to a minimum. Those who come from other countries might need to isolate for two weeks.

Because the changes can be significant, use this time to plan the party:

  • How many people could come? Older people, young children, and those immunocompromised might have to avoid parties by then.
  • Where will be the party be? Whether it’s in your home or a restaurant, you want to ensure that it follows health protocols.
  • Do you have a plan B or C? Guidelines can change overnight. Can you accommodate those quickly?

While you cannot control the pandemic, you can do something so that it doesn’t dampen your holiday spirit. These tips will help you.

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