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Is Your Home Ready for the Winter Season?

Seasonal house cleaning is a tedious task, what with all the re-decorating and refurbishing, as well as making sure the air and heating systems are working to a tee. Have you started with your winter season cleaning? Not sure where to start? Here’s something to help you get started.

Cooling and Heating Systems Check-Up

Now is the perfect time to have your cooling and heating scheduled for checkup or repair in your Riverton home before the cold months begin. To ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, your air conditioning and heating systems must be scheduled for a checkup and cleaned before and after heavy use over a season.

Dust and allergens can accumulate in the filters and ducts over a month, and that is enough to cause health problems and trigger allergic reactions from dust, pollen, and other particles that, when inhaled, can cause respiratory problems.

As these systems circulate and condition the air inside your home, keeping it clean and well-maintained is key to maintaining a healthy indoor environment all throughout the year.

Pool Cleaning and Winterizing

Man cleaning the poolProtect water pipes and your pool from winter damage by having it cleaned and the water treated before closing it for the winter. Ensure that all faucets aren’t leaking and that there’s no water left inside pipes that can freeze and expand, causing the pipes to crack.

This leads to water wastage and huge repair costs, so making sure that all excess water is pumped out of the pipes before the winter starts will save you a lot headache and a lot of money, too. Investing in a thick and sturdy cover is definitely worth the cost.

It protects your pool throughout the winter, keeping organic material, wildlife, and other pollutants from getting into the pool water, attracting bacteria that can speed up mold growth. This makes post-winter pool cleaning a whole lot easier as the water stays a lot cleaner under the cover, as it starts to thaw in the spring.

Garden Care and Cleaning

Keep your lawn and garden in good shape through the changing seasons by using the right type of fertilizer and by pruning the shrubbery, trees, and hedges to avoid overgrowth and ensure proper plant and soil nutrition.

Make sure that the watering schedule is adjusted and that the grass is trimmed to the right height. Any plant that won’t survive the winter must be kept indoors, either in a clear space inside the garage or inside the shed, to provide it with some level of protection from the cold.

Starting with winter cleaning early gives you a head start and the chance to book services that work with your schedule before things start to get busy. It enables you to scale your cleaning plans and do it phase by phase to ensure thorough and full cleaning before the winter season kicks in.

Make your winter cleaning and home preparations easy breezy and stress-free; start early and finish before the winter season starts.

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