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4 Common Client Complaints that Can Be Costly to Contractors

Any seasoned contractor knows that gripes and issues between the homeowner/client and contractor are quite common, especially when it comes to home building and remodelling. It can be challenging to meet the client’s expectations, although one can’t blame them for wanting their homes to look precisely what they envisioned them to be. However, despite this, contractors need to pay attention to complaints and avoid them at all costs, after all, reading or hearing one extremely negative review can make other potential customers think twice about hiring the contractor in question.

As such, contractors should be aware of the common complaints by homeowners during and after projects so that they can be avoided.

#1 Taking Too Long To Finish

One of the most common complaints from homeowners is the duration of the project. Construction projects take a lot of time, and certain unforeseen factors can even cause major delays. However, you have to realise that for a project to be labelled as ‘too long to finish’, it means that the customer has an expected deadline — in other words, ‘too long’ basically translates to ‘didn’t meet the target date of completion’.

You have to realise that customers want projects to be finished as soon as possible, so contractors need to provide a realistic timeline. Don’t promise to a customer that a renovation project could be done in a month when it may take two or more. That way, you’ve set the proper expectations. It’s also crucial for your customers to be updated with regards to delays and why the delays occurred. You may also end up dealing with customers who have unrealistic demands and deadlines, and it’s vital for you not to promise that you can meet them to seal the deal.

#2 So Many Hidden Costs

No customer one wants to pay more than they initially agreed on unless there have been changes that they agreed on. If other customers hear or read about a contractor charging hidden costs, it can effectively drive away business. This type of complaint isn’t just about the money, but the customer can label a contractor to being greedy and dishonest about not being upfront about all the costs.

Transparency and communication are vital to avoid this complaint. You should be able to provide a realistic estimate or price range when quoting, and you should also communicate any changes or issues that may warrant additional work and materials that would lead to additional costs.

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#3 Work Needed to Redone After A While

Some jobs look and function perfectly for a week or a month after it’s finished, but then issues come up that forces the homeowner to have the work redone or repaired. These types of complaints can hurt your brand’s reputation, but they can be avoided through high-quality input and output. In other words, don’t skimp out on the raw materials and tools used. For example, if you want to avoid customers complaining about uneven floor tiles (even though it was perfectly levelled when it was finished) in, make sure that your staff is appropriately trained on tile setting and levelling, utilise high-quality tiling tools, and only make use of quality raw materials when you construct the floor of their home in Australia.

#4 Leaving A Mess

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer: you’d want to have your home to be clean, pristine, and ready for use right after the project is finished, so if the builder/contractor leaves various debris, trash, and sawdust all over the place, you’re more likely to express your frustration, too. So make sure that you clean up the area after each job, or at least at the end of the job. Cleaning the area after the job is done can go a long way towards customer satisfaction.

The Takeaway

The bottom line here is that providing realistic expectations, being professional, and ensuring a high-quality output is vital to avoid complaints that may be detrimental to a contractor’s reputation. You may think that these extra steps to take to avoid complaints can be a bit costly, but you should be aware that complaints can cost you a lot more.

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