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Avoid These Problems By Getting the Right Commercial Contractor

Construction is a complex process and no project ever goes smoothly 100% of the time. It would be normal to encounter problems during the construction period, and sometimes even after it. But with a reliable, experienced, and reputable general contractor, you can avoid major problems, along with the costs associated with them.

If you’re having a commercial property built, you’d need to be extra meticulous when selecting a general contractor in Utah or any other state. The one you choose should be an expert in handling commercial projects, such as Learn some of the common problems encountered in construction and how we can avoid them by choosing the right contractor.

1. Lack of Communication

Mistakes in a project are largely due to miscommunications. In construction, there are many people involved apart from the owner and general contractor. There would be subcontractors, project managers, laborers, etc. When going over your general contractor options, get to know their team. See if the team consists of professionals who are good at maintaining client relationships. Utilize texts and email communication, because both would keep a recorded copy of your conversation, allowing you to find important information quickly and conveniently. There are also construction technology apps, so take those into consideration as well.

2. Unreliable Subcontractors

This is a problem commonly faced by many contractors, which would affect your commercial property project. Ask your prospects if they have reliable subcontractors. As for contractors who are plagued by this problem, check with your material suppliers if they could recommend a good subcontractor. You can also ask the other subcontractors that you’ve worked with in the past for recommendations. Once you’ve found one, check if they have valid licenses and insurance policies.

3. Document Management


A construction project involves a ton of paperwork that can easily be misplaced. Both building owners and contractors would experience problems with missing documents, so it would be better to explore digital solutions to make documentation easier. Of course, paperwork cannot be avoided altogether, so scan hard-copies on your computers to file and organize them digitally. Find a general contractor who’s highly reliable in documentation processes. Ask them about their methods in handling a project like yours, including the management of documents.

4. Constantly Changing Regulations

Federal, state, and county laws are constantly changing and updating, so you and your general contractor should always be kept in the loop. Get a contractor that’s always updated with the current laws, so you wouldn’t face the risk of being issued penalties. General contractors are in charge of obtaining permits, meaning they should always adhere to the laws and regulations of the project’s location.

Choosing the Right General Contractor

Look for licensed companies that have a good reputation in the market. Apart from having an impressive portfolio, the company should also be ready to offer references upon your request. Understand the nature and range of all the projects they have completed, and from there, see if they can handle your project.

Choosing a general contractor can be a lengthy process, but it’s critical to take all these steps so you can avoid costly problems in your commercial property. With such a huge project, you should only settle for none other than the best.

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