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3 Feature of Modern and Contemporary Houses

More and more millennials are buying houses as the years go by. In 2015, 37% of 25-to-34-year olds had bought houses. In relation to this, people are now becoming inclined to minimalism, which promotes simplicity and having less of everything.

As a result, the theme of modern and contemporary homes is the total opposite of going baroque. They utilize simpler furniture, devoid of curves, and unnecessary decorations. Aside from this, they make use of a lot of glass for natural lighting and add more natural elements through wood floors. The black-and-white combination is also popular within these houses.

Glass, glass, glass

One current trend in modern and contemporary homes is the use of floor-to-ceiling glass windows. They give an instant modern vibe to the home while also carrying a lot of benefits.

First, it keeps you connected with the outside world. Because you can see the environment–may it be your garden or the sky–you will feel more connected to the world outside of the house. You will feel in touch with nature and not be alienated by concrete.

Second, letting natural light in gives you Vitamin D, boosts one’s mood, and increases productivity. Exposure to natural light helps improve sleep by 46 minutes, according to research, leading to better concentration and brain function. It also increases the production of melatonin and serotonin in the brain, both affecting a person’s mood.

Contrasting colors

In interior design, contrast is essential to capture the attention of the people as well as utilize and emphasize space. According to Fresh Home, contrast “can add a huge dose of visual interest to your interiors while simultaneously pulling it together.” In modern and contemporary design, the dramatic black-and-white combination is the main focus.

Black-and-white gives a sleek, professional touch to the house, creating a dramatic contrast without sacrificing the cleanliness effects of the colors. This color combination also provides a beautiful backdrop that allows jazzy and bold pieces to stand out in the room. If you come to look at it, it’s like a blank canvas that you set for your timeless furniture, art, and other decors.

Natural floors

Natural floors

Floors that have fewer lines and pizazz may be appealing to modern and contemporary homes since their emphasis is on minimalism. In addition to this, adding natural elements indoors is an ongoing trend in interior design nowadays.

Therefore, having wood floors contributes to the overall aesthetic of a modern and contemporary home. If you’re planning to utilize this, you can choose hardwood flooring that is of a lighter color. You can trust a contractor in Murray, Utah, to give you a set of options for viable materials to be used to match the feel of your home.

Adding this natural element will contribute to the benefits of welcoming natural light into your home.

If you’re planning to renovate your house or you’re looking for inspiration for the next project, don’t forget that good interior design is not just about aesthetics. Interior design should have a purpose, whether you want to increase productivity, build a beautiful backdrop, or bring nature indoors.

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