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Got an Old Property You Want to Breath Life Into? Consider These Transformation Ideas

A house doesn’t have to be newly built to be called fresh and beautiful. Vintage homes, such as those constructed more than fifty years ago, can be revived and be made to look new once again. With the right care and maintenance, these old homes can be on par with newer and contemporary homes that the internet is swooning over.

If you have an old property aching for a renovation, look no further, and let this be your guide. From furniture upgrades to a luxurious landscape design in Park City, there are many ways to make your vintage home fabulous and pristine.

Clean and Re-Paint

Start by performing some major clean-up work around the house. Wash carpets, or have them replaced if they’re no longer in good condition. Check out the areas that need upgrading; decide whether you want each room to look the same or have different themes for each. Whichever you decide on, make sure that the design elements work well together.

Re-paint the walls, trims, and the ceiling. A fresh coat of paint will preserve the old architecture while also making it stand out. It would be preferable to paint them all in one color to hide the imperfections, but you can also paint the trims with a glossy finish to make it eye-catching. However, if the existing trimwork is still in condition, you can instead opt to paint them in contrasting shades, like neutral or near-neutral colors. Paint the ceiling the same color as the trimwork, as well.

Replace Fixtures

Outdated outlets, light switches, fixtures, and plates should be replaced. You can hire an electrician to have all the electrical fixtures handled professionally. Also, upgrade the alarm and security systems. Make sure everything matches with the home’s overall design.

Invest In Drapery

If you want to create a modern appeal in the interiors, drapery will do the trick. It’s because vintage houses tend to have windows in unusual spots, which opposes a modern house’s design. Using drapery is a good way to conceal these awkward windows from the inside. It will also provide a cleaner look and make it brighter, too, because natural light can still come through.

Furnish with Contemporary Pieces

Modern and contemporary furniture will fit into a vintage house. You can mix them with traditional pieces to create a balancing contrast. Also, invest in new storage furniture like open shelving units. The openness and airiness of these shelves will allow the traditional details to be shown off amid the new modern elements placed.

Improve Curb Appeal

curb appeal

You should invest in landscaping services to improve your old house’s curb appeal. Upgrade the paths, have new plants grown, but maintain the mature trees. Adding landscape lighting will also make it more appealing.

You can also place outdoor furniture into your new garden, such as benches or patio chairs. Meanwhile, if a fancy and high-end landscape design isn’t exactly your taste, you can make a simpler garden stand out by having plant pots hung to your porch’s ceiling, or by placing them by your front door.

Don’t forget your porch’s railings, too. If they’re already dilapidated, have them replaced, and match them with your new pavers. Displaying drought-tolerant plants like succulents near the railings and pavements would also be a nice addition to the lush greenery.

With these simple ways of redecorating a vintage house, you’ll soon find yourself enjoying a space with a fusion of modern and traditional design. You don’t need to stick to one style to achieve a refreshing and appealing home design. Let your creativity shine through your home, no matter how old that house may be.

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