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Why You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

A person’s smile is the first thing we notice when we meet them for the first time. For many, it can be seen as a beauty standard. Most of the time, it is a gauge of whether someone is friendly, approachable, or even a sign of kindness.

As the song “Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” from the hit musical Annie (1982) says, who cares what you’re wearing but what matters the most is the smile you wear on your face.

Indeed, you can stand out with what you’re wearing, but sometimes the best getup is your facial expression or simply your smile. This principle, where your smile can melt the hearts of many, has been heavily taken into consideration that up until today, it is an important beauty standard.

What is the science behind smiling and attractiveness?

For many years, dating back to our ancestors, attractiveness has been prominent and even linked to our biology. Attractiveness is not just a social construct, but an innate preference everybody has. A person’s level of attractiveness can have interesting social consequences. The more attractive you are, the more you are likely to be approached by people, or the easier it is to find your lifelong partner. Attractiveness can be influenced by a lot of things when talking about first impressions. Facial symmetry, averageness, and preferences formed through experience and everyday exposure play a part in how attractive you are.

Smiling is a way for people to show emotions. People smile to show affirmation, joy, or even greet when meeting someone for the first time. Smiling is something people do to express various emotions and a pre-programmed response in our brain. Unlike other animals using their teeth for hunting and survival, our teeth’s function is not confined to chewing food alone but also for aesthetics. Many studies have concluded that a woman smiling makes them more attractive compared to a prominent sign of maturity and trustworthiness that makes them ideal for long-term relationships.

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It’s not all about the aesthetics, though

In today’s age, where facial enhancements are more accessible and socially acceptable, people all over the world now have the option of improving the way they look. Without a doubt, not everybody is gifted with the perfect smile, and it is not their fault. The dental formation can be affected by multiple factors, such as genetics and food diet. This is why maxillofacial procedures are common.

While many opt for surgery in order to enhance their facial features, sometimes, it really isn’t always about aesthetics. Severe dental and facial misalignment can cause health problems. For example, people who have a problem with overcrowding may be more susceptible to dental caries and speech impairment. Misaligned jaws can also cause pain and discomfort. Some get these surgeries done because of an accident that has badly affected them. It’s not always about the looks; it just so happens that these problems mentioned are also not as attractive to look at. At the end of the day, it’s a battle between your comfort and your health and well-being.

Smiling is the easiest way to make you look attractive

Going back to the song “Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” from Annie (1982), it is clear what the song is trying to tell you. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the best-branded clothes, but if you don’t have a smile plastered on your face, it dulls down your whole appearance.

A person who always has a frown or a grumpy facial expression is bound not to be approached, as it is a sign of hostility and evokes the general feeling of being unwelcome. This also holds true for dating sites. It was found that one way to get more matches is when your photos are well-taken and when it shows your smile. Smiling is also a way to show confidence in yourself, which is important when making first impressions and achieving your goals. Do not be afraid to show a sign of warmth and positivity when you’re putting yourself out there.

Key Takeaways

Multiple evolutionary and exposure-based factors influence attractiveness, and smiling plays a considerable role in how people perceive you. Furthermore, maxillofacial surgeries are done not only for aesthetics but also for health. In the dating scene, it’s been proven time and time again that smiling ensures you make a great first impression and increases your chance of finding a partner.

Therefore, seal your look by having a smile on your face, as you’re never fully dressed without your smile.

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