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A Permanently Healthier Smile

Losing teeth can be devastating, not only for an individual’s self-esteem but for their overall health as well. Many people can lose their confidence in their smile after losing a tooth either through an accident or injury, or because of disease, age or other complications.

However, more issues can arise regarding the matter because of how the body is so intimately linked. When a person loses one or some of their teeth, then there are many other factors that come into play that are still being researched. Some are more immediate than others, however all are important as an effect of tooth loss on an individual.

One of the more immediate impacts that can be widely seen, is that when a person does not have the ability to eat as they wish because of missing teeth, it results in them having a poor nutritional diet. There are other factors that have come to light that are not entirely understood yet as well. Tooth loss has been linked to the increased risk of mortality from strokes, heart disease and upper gastrointestinal cancers.

If a person wishes to enjoy their life to the fullest, then having a fully functional smile is just one of the ways they can work towards this. If they have lost one or several teeth, then there are a few methods available that can help them to restore their smile again.

One of these ways is by using dental implants in Clapham. This treatment has a very high success and satisfaction rate and this is just one of the reasons why they are so highly recommended by caring and dedicated dentists.

Why are they so popular?

dental implants

This treatment offers a very long-term solution, which is great for patients both young and old. Because the titanium rod that is used as a replacement tooth root actually fuses with the patient’s bone in their jaw, it is expected that an implant can last several decades, just like a natural tooth root.

There are no real specific care instructions once healed, besides keeping the site clean and reducing the chances of infection with regular check-ups from a dentist, just like a patient would with their natural teeth. They look and feel realistic and can be treated as such, meaning that patients can resume life as they once knew it.

Because they are permanently placed in the jaw, individuals do not need to be concerned about their tooth, bridge or denture sliding out of place at inappropriate times or feeling worried or uncomfortable with their smile. They can eat the foods that they love without discomfort and can laugh and speak with ease, knowing that their tooth is a natural replacement for the one that they lost.

Those people who are eager to return their smile back to how it once was should talk with their dentist about replacing their lost teeth with a tooth implant. It allows them to go forth confidently  again, because the treatment is permanent, long lasting and durable, making it a great option in the short and long term.

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