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Sometimes The Best Workout Space Is Right At Home, Literally

While January might be coming to a close in less than a week, it’s never too late to catch up with those New Year’s resolutions because no one else is keeping score but you. And if among your many goals include going back to the gym and getting in shape, have you ever considered the possibility of cutting out the gym entirely? Have you considered building one yourself right at home?

A Home Gym Means Convenience

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean building a facility from scratch and matching your local fitness center one to one because that’s just impossible. However, what is possible involves finding the right mix of equipment and workout accessories to meet all your needs. You can then supplement the rest with a bit of creativity.

And for anyone short on money but determined to improve their fitness, it’s not that bad of a deal. This is especially since most people are spending way too much time lounging on the couch anyways. Plus, one major flex you have on the casual gymgoers is the convenience of having all your equipment half a minute away from you!

When Buying Equipment, Consider What You Need and Love

First, let’s talk equipment and what exactly you should be looking for when scouting out for deals, discounts, and bargains whenever possible. Most people value quantity and utility above every other feature because it gets the most bang out of your buck. However, enthusiasts suggest buying equipment you need and love. That’s far more realistic and helps keep you motivated to work out in the long run instead of forcing yourself with routines you don’t typically enjoy.

Here are a few things you need to remind yourself when buying equipment:

  • Compound Movements Are King

For beginners, 30-day ab challenges are perfect for testing your mettle, coordination, and willingness to fight the burn. But when it comes to maximizing your gains in a home gym, nothing comes close to compound movements. Squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, and many other exercises that utilize multiple muscle groups are some of the best ones you must include in your training circuit. Remember, these exercises will require specific equipment. So stay on the lookout for multi-functional power racks and free weights.

  • Extra Accessories for Convenience

One of the best features of a well-equipped local gym is the selection of workout accessories. Since many people consider them equally important, you should buy some for convenience.

At first, you might feel a bit apprehensive at the thought of getting weight bands, foam rollers, yoga mats, and the like, but these items will come in pretty handy when you least expect them. So, don’t shy away from extra accessories, especially if you’re a beginner that needs a bit of help with the full range of motion.

  • Personal Interests and Favorites

While getting the most utility out of your home gym equipment looks good on paper, you shouldn’t just look at regular exercise for its physical benefits. Instead, you should also consider the satisfaction you receive. That being the case, personal interests and favorites should play a more prominent role in your selection of equipment to make your workout routines all the more enjoyable. Therefore, don’t feel ashamed of getting a treadmill for your indoor runs and powerlifting gear for clean and jerk lifts.

Deck Out the Room First Before Putting Your Equipment Inside

Likewise, before you go out and search for deals, take a step back and consider the room itself. Suppose it’s looking a bit too shabby and worn down. It won’t offer much use as a home gym either. Besides going through your gym equipment and exercise gear checklist, decking out the room first before putting stuff inside is a priority numero uno.

Here’s what you need to complete your home gym:

  • A Blank Canvas Always Works Best

First, while you might think the current look works just fine as a home gym setup, you’ll need to start from scratch and tear most of the design down because a blank canvas always works best. When going through your workouts, you don’t typically need any of the extra fluff of a guest bedroom or old garage; you need more space to move around. So, clean white walls, a sturdy floor, and maybe buy an outdoor doormat online to make it feel cozy.

  • Invest in Some Large-Size Mirrors

Second, even if large-size mirrors feel like an investment you won’t need, it’s a quality-of-life improvement for your home gym. Mirrors make everything come together. Sure, some will argue that it’s for vanity reasons. Still, it depicts your progress and even forms during workout routines if you look at it differently. Plus, it completes that gym aesthetic without constantly reminding you that you haven’t left the house!

Overall, building a home gym is an excellent way to jumpstart your physique goals and get some much-needed progress started on that weight loss journey. But before you go all too crazy about getting equipment and prepping the room, take note that things can become expensive if you don’t budget your costs. And with the economy all over the place, just keep in mind that your home gym shouldn’t put you in any debt whatsoever!

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