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What You Should Know About Curb Appeal

If you’re a Utah homeowner, you’re lucky. The housing market is hot as more people decide to move in the state. That also means one thing: competition can be fierce. You can give yourself an advantage by paying attention to your curb appeal. If you want to get it right, learn some facts and myths about it.

1. Fences Can Increase Home Value

True, but you have to know no official reports or statistics can prove this. The basis will be the value people give to two things: privacy and security. A 2015 survey from Pew will provide you with a better idea. According to it, 95% of adults still want to be in control when it comes to information gathering and surveillance.

Around 88% felt it’s important no one is listening or watching them without their consent. More than 50% valued not being disturbed at home or being able to have times when they’re completely alone, away from anyone else.

The home value fences provide, though, can vary. It depends on the type. For instance, concrete fence panels might have a higher value than a chain-link fence since the former enhance curb appeal. Even better, working with pre-concrete walls from Utah companies will give you designs that suit your surroundings or your home theme.

2. Plants Lower Resale Value

False, and this assumption can stem from the idea that home buyers might see plants as an extra responsibility. A report by the University of Vermont revealed that landscaping could boost the resale value of a building by 14%. It can also accelerate the selling process by six weeks. The return on investment can be as much as 150%.

Some caution: not all plants are profitable. Fake ones, including artificial grasses, are more likely to downgrade your home’s value. Easy-to-grow and –maintain plants tend to appeal more to home buyers. You might want to exchange annuals with perennials, as well as use native trees.

3. Replacing Exterior Doors Is a Must

Wooden front door of a home. Front view of a wooden front door on a yellow house with reflections in the window and a wide view of the porch and front walkway.

Both true and false—here’s why. According to the Cost vs. Value report in 2019, replacing your entry door with steel has a recoup rate of 74.9%. This is high, but the percentage was better the previous year.

Changing your garage door fares better in resale value. You can recover up to 97.5% of the cost. This, though, is lower than in 2018. The good news is replacing your grand wooden entrance with fiberglass will give you a return of 71% if you’re living in Utah.

4. Repainting the Doors Can Already Do Wonders

True, according to the data from Zillow. In 2018, the real estate marketplace site conducted a paint color analysis. They reviewed thousands of photos from homes sold between 2010 and 2018. They found out that specific colors sell better than others. The best was jet black, which sold about $6,000 more than the company expected. Others were dark blue and gray.

Curb appeal does boost the value of your home, but not all projects are worth it. By knowing these truths and myths, you’ll know which one to prioritize.

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