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What to Look For in a Bed Bug Vacuum

Bed bugs are pests that disrupt the comfort of your couch and bed. They infiltrate your cushions, cause irritations, red spots, and thrive on sucking the host’s blood. Even though they cannot fly, they quickly transfer from one place to another and are extremely contagious.

Cushions that have been infested by bed bugs have bloodstains, red spots, and musty odor. You may also wake up to red, irritated insect marks if bed bugs are present in your cushion.

One way to prevent and get rid of bed bugs is through frequent vacuuming. Here are features that you should look for when shopping for a vacuum:


Handheld vacuums are more convenient to use on the bed and smaller items because you have more control over them than standing vacuums. They can also go in small spaces such as under the bed or the couch.

Large dust chamber

The dust chamber is where all the sucked particles are accumulated to be contained in one space only. It’s significant for it to have a larger capacity to avoid the reintroduction of particles in the air. Through this, you can prevent dropping some bugs and their eggs back into the house, allowing them to invade your things again. A 150mL and bigger dust chamber would be ideal for the vacuum you are looking for.

HEPA filtration

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration traps 99.99% of air particles–at the least. It can also capture particles smaller than 0.3 microns. A HEPA filter is made up of “a complex web of fibers” where particles can be diffuse, intercepted, or sieved.

UV sterilization

UV sterilization emits high-frequency light to aid in killing bacteria. This is often accompanied by the release of hot air to kill bed bugs and dust mites effectively. This can disinfect the couch from microorganisms and bacteria by up to 99.7%. Additionally, sterilization kills the bugs first to detach them from the cushion. As a result, the vacuum can suck them easily and more efficiently.

High-frequency vibration

High-frequency vibration beats dust, particles, and bugs to the surface of the cushion for easier suction. When this is accompanied by a strong suction technology, even particles and bugs buried in the deepest of the cushion will be pulled out. Some vacuums can reach up to 4,000 vibrations per minute with an 8 KPa powerful suction.

Carbon filtration

Carbon emission is the most notorious culprit for climate change, so reducing your carbon footprint in any way possible is a must. Some handheld vacuums are equipped with activated carbon filtration, which significantly reduces the carbon emission of the product.


bed bug vacuum

Because you’d want to carry this around the house and lifting it on elevated surfaces, you wouldn’t want a heavy vacuum. Handheld vacuums have compact designs, some as light as less than 3 lbs.

In case you’re wondering, all these features can be put into a small object and still be effective and efficient. Pay attention to the parts, though, especially when they malfunction. If this is the case, there are vacuum repair services in Salt Lake City that you can call.

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