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What Attracts Pests Into Your Home?

Bugs, though they’re tiny and appear completely powerless compared to humans, can wreak havoc into your home when you neglect their presence. It can start with a single ant that hides a colony nearby or a spider that will multiply in a blink of an eye. When we see a few of these bugs around, we don’t always think of them as a serious problem, until we see the damage they’ve done.

But bugs are just part of the ecosystem, and it will be impossible to get rid of them for good. The best we can do is to hire pest exterminators to keep our home safe and sturdy, whether we live in Sandy, Utah or any other place. Book their services periodically, and you can avoid the destruction these pests can bring.

Below are the possible reasons pests infest your home, along with effective ways to stop them.

You Accidentally Brought Them In

Without your notice, they may have stuck onto your clothes, grocery bags, shoe, etc., and from there, they’ll find shelter somewhere in your home. If bedbugs are your problem, but you’re certain that you’re keeping your bed tidy at all times, it has nothing do with it. Bedbugs spread through attaching themselves onto humans, animals, or objects.

Accidentally bringing pests in may not lead to a serious infestation, unless they see a consistent food source. For bedbugs, it’ll be your blood. When you see a few pests, especially bedbugs, get rid of them immediately.

Trees and/or Shrub Branches Making Contact with Your Roof

Trees can act as a bridge to your home, taken advantage of by rodents and ants. Shrubbery touching the siding of your home can also hold moisture and speed up the rotting process, which pests get attracted to. Prevent this from happening by pruning the branches once they’ve overgrown.

They’re Attracted to Certain Parts and Items

Pests like dark places, like the dim spaces near or inside boxes. Clear your home of this clutter to avoid unintentionally giving them shelter. Pests can also be attracted to gardens with mulch and wood chips over black plastic. If you do this to your garden, make sure not to position the black plastic where the pests can have access inside your home.

Access Through the Crawl Space

When rodents find access through the gaps in the crawl space, they may chew on the wiring, and even spread their urine and feces there. They can also damage the plastic vapor barrier to gain access into your living space. A contractor can fix your crawl space and make a door that fits perfectly. Also have the damaged material fixed or replaced, like the foundation vent screens.

Debris Gathered in the Gutter

cleaning gutter

When the siding has water flowing down from the gutter, decaying may happen which would attract pests. The stagnant water left in the gutter will then be the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. The debris gathered in the gutter also invite pests in. Clean your gutters regularly and keep them dry to avoid this problem.

Wood Items Lying Against the House

Ants love wood, so if you have firewood or other wood items stacked against the foundation of your home, the ants may use them as access to the interiors. Avoid placing these objects where it touches your home.

Clean your house diligently, keep the entrances closed, and ensure that food containers are always tightly sealed. Use caulk to seal any crevices where ants and other insects may enter. Inspect your beds and nightstands regularly for any bedbugs. Flip your mattress and look for signs there, too, such as tiny black or maroon spots. Placing traps in areas prone to pests can also help. When things get worse, call the professionals to resolve the problem immediately.

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