Wellness Trends For The New Normal

Many things have changed due to the current health crisis in the world. From tourism to entrepreneurship, almost every industry is continuously adapting to remain afloat while the world is battling the pandemic. The wellness industry is one of these industries changing their approaches to cater to their consumers’ needs. But, before we get to these new practices, let’s look at the meaning of wellness first.

What Does Wellness Mean?

Wellness is the active pursuit of nurturing the eight dimensions that are interconnected to build a healthier habit. These dimensions are physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, occupational, financial, and social. Many people define wellness differently, but it all boils down to a holistic approach to taking care of ourselves.

How Is The Wellness Industry Coping?

The wellness industry is one of the biggest and most profitable industries globally, valued at $4.5 trillion based on 2018 data. Of course, in a stressful world full of deadlines and problems, we all need to feel well in most aspects of our lives. And if we have the means to practice wellness, then why not do it? Unfortunately, many wellness businesses and markets like classes, spa treatments, and workouts have been halted since the pandemic.

The pandemic has disrupted the industry’s growth and how it was providing for the needs of people. But, it has also revolutionized how the industry provides services and urgent care to support the well-being of its consumers. Now, yoga and meditation classes are online. Subscriptions to workout routines at home increased. Weight loss and stress reduction programs are now on Zoom. These online classes are the new normal of the wellness industry.

Some Wellness Trends For The New Normal

So, while we wait for the world to go back to the pre-pandemic everyday lives we all miss, here are some new wellness trends that you should keep your eye on:

  1. Online fitness

Even before the pandemic, virtual classes that offer different kinds of workout routines were already a thing. But as predicted, it increased in popularity as people needed something to keep them in shape while barely getting any exercise that commuting and gym workouts would usually give us. There is a significant increase in virtual studios with calisthenics classes and even remote yoga retreats. We won’t deny it’s different than the offline classes we used to have, but it’s convenient and inexpensive.

  1. Touchless facial and spa treatments

Like virtual fitness classes, touchless beauty treatments have also been around for quite some time now. But as the industry needs to innovate and continue providing services while lessening the anxiety and worries that each customer feels about being touched, touchless facials and spa treatments are becoming a trendier option. You might be wondering how facial and spa treatments which require contact become touchless? Well, there is still some touching but with the use of silicone gloves and mask brushes. So, in a way, it is safer.

  1. Telehealthcare

Digital healthcare is an in-demand technology that allows people to access healthcare services remotely using mobile devices and computers. This kind of innovation saves time and doesn’t expose patients and consumers to the virus. You no longer have to struggle to get an appointment or wait in traffic for hours by virtually meeting up with a specialist, personal trainer, nutritionist, mental health therapist, physical therapist, and more.

  1. Meditation and yoga apps

Not surprisingly, the demand for apps that guide users through practices such as yoga and meditation has soared since 2020. These apps have been around even before the Covid-19 became a global problem, like touchless spa treatments and virtual workout classes. Still, they’re getting more popular nowadays as fitness and holistic practice enthusiasts need to find ways to deal with stress and anxiety and maintain their health without the risk of contracting the virus. Most of these apps are free, too, so you wouldn’t need to worry about spending anything.

  1. Breathing exercises

Not many people are aware that we have different ways of breathing that could impact our health in various ways. If we pay more attention to our breathing or follow a breathing exercise, it has the potential to calm our brains, regulate our blood flow, and affect our emotional response and memory. It could also improve our immune system and metabolism. There is more to breathing than just inhaling and exhaling oxygen. Give it a try.

Wellness Trends Into The Future

Although these trends have attracted more attention due to the pandemic, they will likely continue to grow. Let’s hope for that. After all, virtual versions of the classes we enjoyed before the Covid-19 crisis are convenient. Maybe we will learn to get used to these practices as we navigate through the new normal and the next kind of normal that we will have.

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