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Wellness Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

The year 2020 was full of surprises, forcing people to cancel their much-awaited vacations and postponed plans for wellness retreats as many began working out at home and choosing overall healthier lifestyle choices—including mental health. The beginning of the new decade gives everyone a chance to regain what we’ve lost, allowing us to change for the better.

With that in mind, here are the top 7 wellness trends to look out for in 2021.

Open-air Gyms

Since working out at home has become such a big trend in 2021, open-air gyms are the hottest wellness trend out there yet. Whether the gym is makeshift or permanent, anyone can now work out while basking in the beauty of the outdoors at home. You can do this by arranging a small area in your backyard filled with your at-home gym equipment and have

Trex seclusion fences built around your open-air gym for better protection.

Farm to Table Movement

With more people staying indoors, many are beginning to explore the wonders of cooking at home, making fresh food a big hit. This demand brought light to the famous wellness trend known as the “farm-to-table movement,” which means consuming locally grown fruits and vegetables that are as fresh as possible. All produce used is developed from a farm, prepared, and served to your table, with minimal processing handling to ensure health and safety.

Foods included in the farm-to-table movement are loaded with nutrients and taste delicious as they’re served during their freshest peak. In contrast, frozen and processed foods are often filled with MSG, excess salt, and other dangerous chemicals that can harm your body.

De-emphasize Aesthetics and Emphasize Health

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The prioritization of looks over health has been long overdue. Although there are still ways to go before aesthetic beauty stops dominating the fitness and wellness industry, 2021 shows promise since more companies are currently focusing on health, emphasizing its importance to the global audience. Thus, people are now exercising and eating healthier to be healthy and not just look good.

Practicing Ancient Wisdom

Ancient wisdom such as Ayurveda now matters more than ever before. These natural medicinal systems have been espousing what modern-day science has recently discovered about a person’s mind, body, and general health. For instance, Ayurveda suggests that the digestive system is the root cause of most body ailments, bringing the focus to immunity-boosting foods like ginger and turmeric while concentrating on plant-based foods that are easier to digest in the new decade.

Sound Therapy

Sound healing or therapy is an old-age practice rooted in Ayurvedic principles, based on the concept that everything in the world is vibrating in different frequencies. By sending these to your body, it helps restore the balance and harmony of your body—helping it heal better. It’s widely believed that sound therapy can affect all cells and organs of your body, providing inner peace, relaxation, and more energy. This trend is a great way to unwind your mind.

Zero Waste Recipes

Sometimes less is more, and in this particular trend, that’s more than the truth. Zero waste recipes typically consist of leftover ingredients or portions of vegetables and meat that you wouldn’t usually eat to make kombucha or soup. For instance, when cooking stir-friendly vegetables with broccoli and cauliflowers, cook the stems too and blend them into a soup to add another delicious meal to the table.

Another example is using bones from your meat to create a hearty bone broth. With zero waste recipes, the possibilities are endless, and all you need to do is explore your creativity—and go beyond your comfort zone.

Digital Fitness and Detox

This particular trend shouldn’t be a surprise. However, experts forecast that digital fitness will continue to thrive throughout the year, with most people working out digitally. Even if physical gyms resumed operations, many already have become accustomed to digital-based fitness, growing to love the convenience of working out at home. All you need to do is search, browse, click or tap, and get your sweat on.

Besides digital fitness, a digital detox is becoming more popular among the masses. Dopamine fasting is a new term referring to taking a break from harmful stimuli, such as notification sounds, texts, and beeping that can become addictive. You can make your digital detox more effective by doing an “electrical detox.” It’s where you can’t use electrical lights, TVs, and other digital devices for a specified period.

At the beginning of the new decade, being healthy isn’t solely reliant on external validations anymore, and the trends mentioned are proof. People are now following centuries-old traditions for health advice, listening to their voice within, and tuning in to what the body and mind have to say about what makes them feel well—paying attention to what works out for you.

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