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Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Clean air is essential. As you know, the quality of air that you breathe can affect your health. In fact, studies from around the globe have shown how air can contribute to the disabilities and diseases of people from different age groups. Even an unborn child is not safe from the negative health effects of air pollution. It might not cause you any worry because the illnesses are felt gravely after an accumulation of exposure throughout the years. What started as allergies and asthma may eventually lead to death.

The worry over air pollution is often limited to the outdoors, where people inhale exhaust from vehicles and smoke from corporations daily. Similarly, indoor air pollution exists, and it requires the same level of attention when it comes to solving the problem.

Indoor air pollution is one of the top 5 environmental risks today. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend 93% of their lives indoors. Just imagine, every second you spend indoors, you are breathing in air that could kill you. These particles are so small, they can break through your body’s natural defenses. In the end, these toxic particles can reach your bloodstream, and ultimately, your entire body.

A record shows that in Minneapolis, the quality of air is down to 20 out of 100. According to the National Air Toxics Assessment, the average in the US is 58. Even though large corporations greatly contribute to air pollution, there are still things that you can do to help the environment. When it comes to an indoor area, you have more chance to be in control. Remember to constantly contact an air duct cleaning service in Minneapolis—among other things.

Here are easy ways to improve your indoor air quality:

  1. Clean your AC filters.

If you are constantly using your AC, you can improve the quality of air in your home and office by having the filter cleaned regularly, as specified by the manufacturer. Air conditioners can restore the stale air indoors through the filter of every unit. The filter traps pollutants like dust, bacteria, and pollen. However, this does not purify the air completely. What you can do is add an air purifier to capture particles that your AC can’t.

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  1. Keep a salt lamp on your table.

Other than the block of pink looks pretty on any table, a Himalayan salt lamp emits negative ions when lit. It is said to be effective in helping people who suffer from asthma by fighting the positive-charged contaminants, which cause allergies.

  1. Take care of indoor plants.

Indoor plants function as an air purifier. A NASA experiment in 1989 found that indoor plants can remove the cancer-causing volatile organic compounds in the air. Additionally, they provide extra oxygen. In further research, it is said that soil microorganisms in potted plants have a hand in purifying indoor air. Of course, they can serve as hip addition to your interior décor. You just need to find which plants are excellent air purifiers.

Making small changes can help you maintain the cleanliness of the air you breathe. Every decision matters, from the cleaning products you use to the furniture you buy, don’t forget to consider your health all the time.

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