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The Right Kind of Surgeon for Your Property’s Trees

A tree is a sight to behold when it’s healthy and placed strategically on your property. Trees are very beneficial to the environment. They can keep the air fresh and cool, and provide shelter to many animals that can act as pest control on your property.

But even the healthiest of trees can cause problems to homeowners.  These could range from overhanging branches, extensive root systems and even plant diseases. The best way to resolve such issues is to hire a tree surgeon near your Guildford home. They can deal with the problems many homeowners face with trees on their property.

What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

Tree surgeons use their knowledge to manage trees on properties, especially those that affect the piping and the sewerage system of a building. You might think that cutting branches or removing large trees is easy, but tree surgery is a dangerous activity, as it involves using power tools and climbing large trees.

Tree surgeons use commercial-grade power tools such as buzz saws and chainsaws to remove large trees. The process requires a deep understanding of tree growth, so you know which branches should be cut and how to cut a branch without damaging the tree properly.

Why Call a Tree Surgeon?

Everyone loves a bit of green on their property, but a responsible owner knows that trees need maintenance too. A tree surgeon can keep these trees healthy but also make the property safe for everyone. Dead branches can fall, and these can cause accidents and damage to your property. A tree surgeon can trim your trees so that these dead branches will be removed safely.

If the trees on your property are growing at a fast rate, you can ask a tree surgeon to make routine maintenance of the property so that the sunlight would enter your home. Pruning trees will allow the sun to reach undergrowth and make your property more appealing.

The Qualifications of a Tree Surgeon

Many tree surgeons offer their services, but you need to find one that has the right qualifications. Look for a tree surgeon with these qualities:

Proper Certification
The right tree surgeon has a Certificate in Arboriculture, the study of management and cultivation of trees. An arborist would know the growth rate of particular trees, and deal with any issue they could give a  homeowner.

Liability Insurance

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Ask the tree surgeon if they hold public liability insurance, which will protect homeowners from possible mishaps. Check if the insurance is updated because many tree surgeons do not update their insurance payment. You should also check the amount of insurance coverage, which should be a minimum of 10 million.

It’s hard to take care of plants and trees if you don’t know how to nurture them. Tree surgeons have years of practise so they can understand how a tree would react to its environment.

Call a tree surgeon to help you if you have problems with your trees or you need some maintenance work. The right tree surgeon can help make your property the envy of the neighbourhood.

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