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Are your teeth starting to fall out?

As people age their teeth age with them, and with ageing teeth can come all sorts of issues. Even people with good oral hygiene can find themselves with teeth that start to fall out from tooth decay, which can be an extremely upsetting thing to happen. Having gaps in your teeth can cause insecurities when you are smiling, as well as discomfort when you are trying to speak or eat, and having no teeth left at all could cause your jawbone to start to disintegrate and your face may begin to appear slightly sunken. Whilst dentures offer a way to replace your teeth so you are able to chew, smile and speak, they do not ensure that your jawbone remains stimulated and they can also come loose or fall out in some cases, meaning you still might need to avoid your favourite chewy foods. There are now treatments available that can replace your teeth in a more permanent way and keep your jawbone stimulated. Using Sheen dental implants Richmond it is easy to discover how getting dental implants can change your life for the better..

A permanent smile for up to a decade

Unlike alternative tooth replacement methods, tooth implants work by permanently securing your new teeth into your mouth. This is done by inserting small titanium screws into your jawbone that have posts protruding from the tops of your gums so that your new teeth have something to attach to. This means that there is no chance of your new teeth coming loose or falling out unexpectedly. This method can be used for however many teeth you wish, but you will not necessarily need one screw per tooth if you are having several or all of your teeth replaced, as one titanium screw is capable of supporting more than one tooth. Some people can get a whole mouthful of teeth replaced using as little as four implants, but how many you will need will vary depending on your individual circumstances and be something that is discussed at your consultation appointment.

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A natural looking smile, no matter how many teeth you are missing

One of the first things that people usually panic about when they lose their teeth is if they will ever be able to smile confidently again. The answer is definitely yes, especially if you are planning on getting dental implant treatment. Once your mouth has healed around your initial implants you will have your new false teeth attached to them. These new teeth are made of porcelain and look, feel and behave just like your original teeth. In some cases these teeth look so natural that people will not be able to spot that you have undergone treatment unless you tell them. All of the appliances that can be attached to your implants will be matched in colour to your original teeth, if you have any, so they are not obvious. What appliance you need will depend on how many teeth you are missing. A crown is often used for a single missing tooth, whilst bridges and partial dentures are used for multiple missing teeth. Full dentures are often used when people have lost all of their teeth, or wish to upgrade from their current dentures.

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