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Survive Being the New Kid in School

When you are the new kid at school, it is normal to feel awkward and nervous. You may be uncertain if you will act naturally or put your best foot forward to impress. It will be doubly hard if you are not so sure of yourself. Here are some tips to overcome those first-week (or -month) jitters.

Be Confident (Even If You Are Not)

Are you worried about having a lopsided smile? Or of stuttering? It’s a good thing that you can be more confident of your smile because of your bonded lingual retainer. Nobody has to know that it’s there. Thus, you will not be regarded as “different” and be teased. Also, you can be more confident about how you speak.

Have you picked the right attire yet for your first day at school? Remember not to be too flashy nor subdued. Dress in such a way that you will get just the right attention. The way you will present yourself is the first thing that anyone will remember. Even if you do not feel that confident, go show them that you are ready to mingle.

Choose a Circle You Want to Belong To

It is not imperative to be the instant superstar during the first day of school. It is good to be pleasant enough and also keep your distance. Take the first few days as the time to observe. You aim to form meaningful friendships for the whole school year—or even beyond. Jumping into new friendships without being too sure is not wise. It might present you with some difficulty in detaching yourself later on.

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Strike a Conversation

Once you see the group you want to belong to, you can start making small talk. Join them in the cafeteria or sit beside them during free time. You may think of questions that you would want to use as conversation starters. Remember not to force anything. Some may also take some time before they open up to you. This is because they are already a group. Welcoming somebody into a group may be as hard as coming into it. Be natural and continue taking the initiative to be friends with them.

Widen Your Circle

All schools have special interest clubs. They usually get members at the start of the school year. Take this opportunity to find something that you are passionate with. Then join that club. This way, your connections will go beyond your classmates. You will have the opportunity to form connections with people from different levels. Regular meetings and activities will strengthen these bonds.

Take One Day at a Time

Your aim is not instant popularity. Making meaningful connections takes time. Sometimes, there will be blunders that you may commit along the way. Remember that it is okay. Adjustments are not one-day fixes. As you go along, you will learn to blend into your new school. Just enjoy each day. Before you know it, the school year is over. You have a solid group of friends. Maybe next school year, you can be that new friend to somebody new.

Being new at school can be nerve-wracking. Do not focus on your fears and worries. Enjoy the experience of being the new kid that everyone is curious about. Every new beginning is an opportunity for growth.

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