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Senior Care: 3 of the Best Ways to Take Care of Your Parents When They Live Independently

Senior care is a complex topic, particularly because age isn’t an excuse to generalize older adults. There will be some who’d like to slow down and live in communities for retirees, and there are those who would like to continue to live no differently from the way they used to.

While there’s nothing wrong with them maintaining their independence, their children mustn’t overlook the ways their age may necessitate outside assistance. If you identify because this is exactly the case with your parents, then rest assured that there are ways you can help them even while you live apart.

Do Recreational Activities Together

Older adults are more prone to living sedentary lifestyles, and you know that inactivity is anything but beneficial to their health. One of the things that demotivate them from starting a workout regime or participating in physical activities is that they’re unused to their new bodily limitations. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if, one day, you wake up and picking up something from the floor suddenly becomes a chore? They probably feel the same way about activities they used to love like evening walks, swimming, trekking, and gardening.

If there is no option to return to sports or exercises, they will then explore new ones together. As people age, their interests change. Having someone by their side while they look for new recreations to stay fit will make it easier and more fun for them.

Look After Their House

Memory can fail you as you age. It’s normal if your once-meticulous parents now overlook house repairs or forget to address them. Visit them regularly in Virginia and make it a part of your agenda to see what needs fixing in the house. If it’s not repairs, then maybe it’s other concerns like pests. Contact professionals who can help with termite treatment.

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Neglecting to attend to these problems may lead to serious health and safety concerns. While termites don’t carry diseases, their bites are painful and can trigger severe itching. They can also cause extensive damage to infrastructures, making them unfit for human habitation. Should this happen, you’ll face huge costs fixing the house or relocating your parents altogether.

Communicate with Their Doctor

Unless your parents sign the HIPAA form or give their express consent, their doctors cannot indulge you with details about their health in an official capacity. You may, however, email them to express your concerns. This will prompt the doctor to discuss the option of sharing updates about their care with you.

If you’re not at this stage yet and your parents are relatively healthy, take the opportunity to get them to sign the HIPAA form and the health care power of attorney. This will make it easier to look after them if they become incapacitated physically or mentally in the future. Freely speaking to their doctor will also give you the peace of mind you need when caring for them.

Support Their Transition

So many things change in people’s lives when they reach a certain age. Read books on how best to support their transition into this new lifestyle, and whatever you do, don’t treat them like children. The last thing they need is to feel like they’re less capable simply because they’re older.

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