COVID-19 Pandemic: Safe Use of HVAC System in Your Space

It is difficult to think that a few months ago, life was normal. With the coronavirus hitting the airwaves, human beings around the world are adjusting to the new normal. The curve of the spread of the virus continues to steepen by the day, making the virus feel like a never-ending phenomenon. Human beings are looking for all the possible ways to stay safe and embrace change like never before.

The safety measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 include looking into the elements in the human surrounding. The guide below focuses on the safe use of your central air conditioner in your Gaithersburg home. You will understand what it takes to be safe both in your home and workplace.

Is It Right to Use Air Conditioning During the Pandemic?

The big question in everyone’s mind regarding air conditioning is: Should one use their air conditioner unit, or should they switch it off until the curve flattens? Which is the safe option for home users? There was a research launch to check whether central HVAC ducts could spread coronavirus droplets. Meanwhile, a closer look into hospitals in New York revealed that poor ventilation contributed to the increase of the spread of COVID-19 more than social distancing was helping curb the virus.

HVAC experts were not pleased with the findings, but that does not imply that you should switch off your switch unit. Not with the heat advisories that keep coming in the nation. HVAC units deal with issues of heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which may cause fatal deaths even before one comes into contact with a COVID-19 droplet.

Your environment in your home or workplace should be cool, and hence more reason to use your AC unit. If you have a young family or have an elderly person, it is highly recommended that you do not switch off your AC unit.

The Method of HVAC Usage Matters

Further studies into the link between COVID-19 spread and ventilation reveal a two-way link between the two. Ventilation can either accelerate or decelerate the spread of COVID-19. Here is a look into the two sides:

Excess Ventilation Airflow

A case study in a restaurant where the pandemic started in Guangzhou, China, showed the trajectory of the spread of the infection from the first patient to other restaurant users. The trajectory revealed a direct relationship between the direction of the airflow from the AC and the position where the patient was seated. The AC unit was blowing air at the patient and then towards other restaurant users who became infected. In this scenario, the usage of the HVAC unit was not the problem but the direction of the airflow from the unit.

Poor Ventilation

The survey of the hospitals in New York showed that about 60mpercent of the COVID-19 patients contracted the disease while they took shelter. In this case, they contracted the virus due to poor ventilation in the shelter. When there is inadequate ventilation in a room, the concentration of the COVID 19 droplets is high. Poor ventilation further explains why the spread of COVID-19 has been rampant in New York despite the stay-at-home restrictions from the authorities.

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Safe Use of the HVAC Unit

Some ways to ensure safety with your air conditioner include:

Change Your Air Filter

A dirty or poorly installed air filter in your HVAC system will increase the toxins circulating in your space. Evaporation causes the infectious droplets to be light and could attach to dust particles in the HVAC system before further spread.

Maintain your AC Unit

Conducting maintenance on your AC unit will make the difference between clean airflow and dirty airflow in your space. You can call central air conditioning experts to conduct routine maintenance practices on your HVAC system.

Avoid Overcrowding Your Space

Do you know that a person can have no COVID-19 symptoms and still infect other people? That makes social distancing equally important to the inside of a space. You can lower the risk of COVID-19 spread by ensuring proper ventilation in your space.

The third wave of the coronavirus continues to hit nations around the world. You need to remember that the method of HVAC usage either curbs or promotes the spread of the virus in your home or workplace. Therefore, it is important that you consult HVAC experts for the HVAC services you may need. The experts are available to see that your central conditioner in Gaithersburg protects you in your space during this pandemic.

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