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Repairing the Energy in Your Home

You might be wondering why at times, you’re feeling uneasy when you’re at home. You haven’t clashed with family members. You haven’t gotten into arguments and everyone is getting on comfortably with each other. What you are experiencing could be a problem in the flow of energy at your home.

In Feng Shui, the placement of things, the quality of the elements in an area could affect the flow of energy. But even if you don’t look into the principles of this geomancy, you can gauge your environment depending on how you feel. If you are sure that what’s affecting you is not a relationship problem, then it could be because your material surroundings are not comfortable. Here are a few things you could do.

Give your home a general cleaning

Rid it of dust and dirt that have accumulated for years. Even if you regularly clean your home, there might be some nooks and crannies that you couldn’t easily reach. As what the saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ these areas might have been accumulating grime that you just couldn’t see. Hire cleaning experts who will meticulously clean your space. Try to get the company that would also do disinfecting procedures.

Check for house repairs

Because of our busy schedules, we often overlook some house needs that do not affect our daily activities. For example, the porch roof might need some fixings, but we don’t find it that immediate since we’re not using the space. We might have been needing a garage floor repair for years now, but we haven’t prioritized it because the space is still functional even with some cracks or broken boards. We even tolerate cracks in windowpanes. But if we leave these problems unattended for a long time, they eventually worsen to the point that one day we would need to renovate it instead of simply doing some repairs.

Repair broken things

The same goes for broken furniture, appliances, and equipment. Have them fixed immediately. Don’t postpone it. If you find something that has been lying around for more than a year because you always promise yourself that you’re going to have it fixed but never get around doing so, give it away. You haven’t used it for more than a year so it’s not necessary for your life. Avoid throwing things that could still be fixed, however. Put them up on websites and see if people would buy it for a low price, if not offer it up for free as long as they would come to pick it up themselves.

Let stagnant air flow

Another factor that could cause the feeling of unease in your home is stale air. It’s what you get when an area has been enclosed for so long that air could not freely move in and out. You might have a storage area that you’ve never aired out. Regularly open up your basement, attic, and storage rooms to get stored energy flowing. You should do this at least once a week.

If your furniture arrangement blocks airflow, rearrange them. It’s easy to determine if your things are not arranged properly. You find a lot of shadows and dark corners. There would be temperature differences too. For example, in a space that doesn’t have a good furniture arrangement, it’s more stuffy and hot compared to a room with good airflow.

Light up dark areas


Shadows and dark corners also affect the energy level of a space. If you have removed furniture that blocks light and air and still the space is dark, install some lighting in that area. Or if it’s not a very big space, you could paint it white. It will reflect whatever light manages to get there and will appear less dark.

Ask an expert in energy clearing

Energy clearing is a practice that is not only done by spiritualists although it is most associated with the mystical world. But energy is part of our lives so there’s nothing dubious about it. There are real estate and interior design experts who are knowledgeable about the processes. It’s a matter of arranging your material environment appropriately so that you could live harmoniously with all the surrounding elements.

Some people are more sensitive to energy than others. While some could sleep peacefully even with a troublesome environment, some might feel like they’re suffocating. If your feeling of uneasiness has been occurring for a long time already, do some of these immediate remedies. The baggage that you feel, if not addressed fast, could affect your mood and eventually your work. Maintaining a clean space with good energy flowing around it will also strengthen your mental health and feeling of well-being.

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