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Pet-Friendly Upgrades: Home Improvements for Your Newly-Adopted Dog

Adopting a shelter dog can be the best move that you can make for its well-being. However, it is also like taking care of an extra member of the family. It has certain needs that you should meet, regardless of its breed. Because of that, you now have to make sure that your house fits those requirements. Here are some upgrades that you can make before you even bring your new friend home.

Durable Flooring

Because of their claws, dogs, especially the active ones, can easily scratch up your flooring if it’s not tough enough to withstand them. Unfortunately, tile can get too slippery for an older dog. If you don’t have them already, you can have hardwood floors installed by a reputable Salt Lake City company. They are durable and provide good traction. Also, they are naturally stylish and don’t make your dog’s feet cold in low temperatures.


When it comes to furniture, you would need a material that doesn’t easily get covered in fur and dirt and can resist scratches. In this case, anything plush and made of fabric is out of the question. Light-colored furniture should also be avoided. Some suggestions for furniture material are leather, wood, and anything smooth that you can easily clean using a rag or a vacuum. You’ll be doing a lot of cleaning up after, so it pays to have this kind of furnishing.

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Wall Paint

It’s not just the ground that you have to be careful of. Even the walls can become targets for stains and scratches. Thankfully, applying the right kind of paint to it can help quite a bit. Avoid flat and matte colors as any stains made by your dog can easily stick to them. Go for the gloss or semi-gloss ones instead since they’re resistant to scratches as well as stains. You’ll have an easier time cleaning them up.

Display Items

Aside from the breakables that should be out of their reach at all times, some indoor plants are also dangerous for them. They can get themselves poisoned, and you would have to take them to the vet sooner than you thought. Do your research and see if there’s any such greenery in your home. If there is, you can choose to either put them somewhere they can’t reach, or replace them with dog-friendly plants.

Entrances and Exits

Dogs love going around and exploring the house. They also like finding their own cozy spots. You can let them move freely by installing doggy doors that are just right for their size. If your dog is not at its full size yet, make sure that the door can still accommodate your pet when it does grow. It can be troublesome to have to install another one and leave the previous one unusable.

These upgrades aren’t just so that your dog can be comfortable, but they’re for your benefit as well. Making these changes ahead of time can save you trouble in cleaning and maintenance in the long run. Your new family member is a blessing. Don’t let its messes keep you from enjoying its company.

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