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Periodic Home Maintenance to Keep Your Home Look Like New

You probably service your car every few months, but when was the last time you serviced your home? A long time ago, isn’t it? And yes your home, too, needs regular servicing. Your home is a complex combination of various components, systems, and technologies. It needs regular maintenance, too. Wondering how to do it?

Let’s get you started. Here are some top home maintenance jobs you should do to declutter and clean it to make it shine like new.

Inspect the HVAC System

Your HVAC system, including the furnace, heating, and air conditioner, is perhaps the most expensive system in your home. You need to make sure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. Because if it doesn’t, it can ruin your day, especially during the winter months, and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and spiked energy bills. So, ensure you contact your local handy person to carry out a thorough inspection and repair of your HVAC. Plus, make sure you clean or replace your home’s air filters every few months, especially if you have pets or allergies to keep away from unwanted hospital visits.

Inspect the Plumbing System

Like the HVAC system, your plumbing system is also expensive and crucial for your comfort. It makes sure you get a steady flow of water each day that is warm enough for baths, clean enough for drinking, and soft enough for good skin and hair. So, it is good to hire reliable plumbing services, if you happen to live there, once a year to inspect the plumbing system.

Service the Drainage System

Your drainage system is vital for your comfort. It may not affect your life right now, but it can make living in your home difficult if it breaks down. Your drains start stinking, the toilet won’t flush well, and in the worst-case scenario, your drainage system may completely fail, causing extensive flood damage. Most plumbing services providers also offer drainage services that you should opt for. You need to get your drains inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

Test the Smoke and CO Detectors

Few things in your home can take credit for saving your life in the event of a disaster, and two of them are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You need to make sure they are functioning well, so test them every month. There is a small Test button on the detectors that let you test them. If they don’t work, try cleaning the battery terminals and charging the batteries; if they still don’t work, you should get new detectors. It is better to be safe than sorry because both fire and carbon monoxide cause thousands of accidental deaths in homes annually.

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Check the garage door reverse feature

Each garage door has a reverse feature that makes the door retract if there is an obstacle in the way; this was mandated by the authorities to protect you from injury from a closing door. So, you must make sure the feature is working well. It is easy to test; place a 2×4 feet object under the door and close it. The door should reverse as soon as it hits the object. Next, you should also check the photo-electric sensors by placing something in front of the sensors and trying to shut the door. If the door does not retract in both scenarios, you should contact a technician. Garage door springs are heavily preloaded, and they may kill you, so DIY jobs are not recommended at all.

Check for Landscape Damage

Your home’s landscape is essential. It keeps your space clean and gives your home a presentable appearance. Additionally, any damage to the landscape can be potential signs of issues under the ground. If you notice damp regions on your lawn, you need to contact a plumbing services provider to repair your drains. If the puddles around your home do not disappear within 24 hours, your drains and gutters are blocked, or your landscape grading is uneven. You can solve this by cleaning the gutters and using soil to grade your landscape. It is relatively easy.

It doesn’t sound much, does it? Maintaining your home in its top-notch condition is quite easy. All it requires is a little patience and effort. In return, you are rewarded with various benefits. One, your home will feel safe and comfortable. Two, your home will maintain its homely appeal. Three, your home’s value will rise if you ever plan to move out. There is no reason why you shouldn’t follow this checklist.

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