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Outdoor Essentials That You Need to Bring on Your Next Hike

Spending a day outdoors to explore nature is such a dream for most people these days. But as everyone try to adjust to the new normal, it shouldn’t stop you from planning your day hike in the future once everything is okay.

Whether you’re planning to go deep into the wild mountain traverses or would prefer to stay closer to home, there are various state and national parks that you can go to for trails. So, to determine all the things you need to bring, here are a couple of gear and equipment you need before heading out.

Plenty of Water

Most sports enthusiasts believe that water is the single most crucial item when doing outdoor activities. That’s why it’s vital to have at least 4 liters of water for each day that you hike. However, carrying that amount of water can be heavy. The Guardian Daily Newspaper advises its readers to bring water purification tablets with you so you can fill up your bottle wherever you got the chance. You can also consider bringing a few bottles of energy drink with you if you still have plenty of room left in your bag.

Hiking Shoes and Socks

Forbes Magazine says that it’s essential to use the right trail running shoes with a decent pair of socks when hiking. You may be wearing the best hiking shoes, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t wear a decent pair of hiking socks along with it. Make sure that both pairs of clothing fit your feet perfectly so that you’ll stay comfortable every time you wear it. Experts say that most hikers prefer merino wool socks over synthetic ones because it wicks moisture.

Trail-Ready Pieces of Clothing

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It’s not enough to have a good pair of shoes when you hike. You need to think about the pieces of clothing that you’ll wear, too. These days, many sportswear companies are now producing shirts, jackets, pants, and shorts designed especially for hiking and trailing.

Primarily, you want to wear clothing pieces that will allow you to move without any restrictions or tearing. It’s also crucial to choose the ones that won’t chafe your skin and let your sweat evaporate instead of making your clothes sodden. These breathable and quick-drying garments often have stretchy fabrics with reinforced seams that follow your every movement. Aside from wearing these clothes, it’s also crucial to wear other protective clothing such as a hat and pants to reduce the risk of insect bites.


Lastly, your hiking won’t be complete without a backpack. Make sure that it has enough space to carry your tent and sleeping bag if needed. You also need to ensure that it’s comfortable enough to get carried around for hours. Check if it has padded straps for added comfort and see if it’s water-resistant.

These are only a few of the things you need to bring if you’re going to a hike in the future. Don’t forget to bring a medical safety kit with you in case you need it.

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