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Much-ignored Places You Need to Look Into to Guarantee a Healthy Home

It’s true; we tend to have a generic notion of which part of the house to clean. So what happens is we prioritize them. Usually, they’re easy-to-reach places. Unfortunately, there are other key places we need to look into to a spotless house. This means you really can’t get your house cleaned without catering to all the places that need cleaning. That’s assuming you really want what’s best for your family.

Of course, who wouldn’t want to do the dishes and the dirty laundry? These are simply hard to pass up. They’re right in front of you. We make them part of our routine cleaning schedule. The key, therefore, is to include easily-ignored-but-important places in your routine. Here are the lists of places that usually are a blind spot every time you clean your home.

Baseboards and Balls

Grimes and dust can cling to horizontal ones and vertical surfaces. Opening the blinds may make you notice some dust. And if you happen to have a wall sticker, it’s better that you check it from time to time.

Start at the top of the wall down to the base. Remove stray marks or body soil around to doorknobs and light switches.

Undersides of Furniture

There are few specks of dust that can be seen under the sofa and bed. But the truth of the matter is it’s rare for someone to look at the bottom part of the furniture. You will be shocked to find out the amount of dust that is clinging to it.

The question is why should it matter. Right? Why take the hassle to clean these unseen portions. The answer could surprise you.

Your upholstery could be the hiding place of many things. No, we’re not talking about gold coins and a silver dollar. We’re referring to bacteria and viruses, sneaky pathogens that escape the human eye.

The carpet for one can be the home of over 200,000 bacteria per square inch, thanks to all the people walking on it with dirty shoes. That makes the rug a thousand times dirtier than your regular toilet seat. Now if that’s true, how much of that bacteria rubs on the undersides of your furniture? It could be more than you think.

Modern House

Top of Doors and Cabinets

When you are cleaning, do not forget to check the higher corners of the house, as you may notice more dirt than you can ever imagine. For instance, there are instances that you’ll see spider webs in the corner of the ceilings. To clean it, you can use the extendable tool handle so you can easily clean it at your own comfort.

Also, check the ceiling fans and light fixtures. Make a schedule for cleaning the top ceiling corners to keep track of the home’s cleanliness state. You may not have to clean them every day. But keeping them cleaned regularly is key to a more hospitable home.

Vents, Air Filters, and Under the Roof

If your place has central air or heating, you have ductwork that links the system to your home’s living spaces. One must keep a record of cleaning these ventilation systems so it will not be destroyed.

Know that changing the filter is essential as cleaning the vent grates. In this way, a clean vent will make you breathe more comfortably as there will be less dust on the house. That will really make your house more energy-efficient.

To make it even more comprehensive, you may have to take care of the roof’s undersides. Go to your attic to check for air drafts. Patching these air drafts or holes can go a long way to total energy efficiency.

However, a word of caution. To get excellent energy-efficiency, you might be tempted to look at the roofing above your head, to free them of holes. Know that you may have to hire roof cleaning experts to make it happen. While you may think it’s easy to DIY the roof, many have fallen doing so. Professional help is not only fast but it’s also very effective. In that sense, it’s much more economical for you.

Closet Floors

The need for cleaning the closet is apparent when you see all the disarray when it comes to the placement of clothes and whatnot. But chances are, after cleaning the closet, the closet floors get dirty.

One mustn’t forget cleaning the closet floors as well. There could be toxic piles of dust or toxic carpet. The end result? The place could be a perfect breeding ground for insects such as carpet beetles.

Vacuum Cleaning Tools

As we continue to clean the places in our room, some instances made you wonder why things seem not to get clean. It is because we often missed the essential tools to make the home clean.

There is no use mopping the floor if the mop is dirty. Cleaning the tools is as important as a thing to do as you clean the house. In cleaning the vacuum, you should make sure that you are emptying the debris cup. Afterward, the cup should be washed out. The rotary bars should be checked if there are no hairs that stick out.

The head of mops and the brushes should be washed out with a disinfectant cleaner and hot water. Certify sponges dry between uses.

Indoor Plants

Placing an indoor plant in your home can accumulate a load amount of dust. From time-to-time, check the place where you put your indoor plant to not build up the dust that could be accumulated.

It would really seem that you would have a lot of things to clean up with your home. However, the trick is to give things a schedule. And when everyone is pitching in, the job becomes a lot easier to carry -and fast.

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