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Lose Weight Fast With These Pool Exercises

Many have already lost interest in following a standard workout routine, so many dive into aquatic exercises. Why? It’s because it can provide much better full-body workouts without dealing with the adverse effects of land-based activities. It’ll also be refreshing during summer. In winter, exercising in a heated indoor pool will keep you comfortable despite the chilly temperatures.

Below is a list of how water exercises will benefit and workout routines that work best for beginners.

How Pool Exercises Will Benefit You

Water has heavier resistance than air, so exercising in the pool will make your standard land-based routines more challenging. You can fortify muscles and burn more calories in a shorter period with heavier resistance. It’ll also allow you to enjoy a great cardio workout while increasing your flexibility, endurance, and strength. On top of that, the water’s buoyancy will work as extra support for your joints and muscles.

That allows you to exercise harder while putting less pressure on your body. Working out in the water is especially helpful for people suffering from joint conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It’ll also be a gentler approach for pregnant women and individuals suffering from:

  • Joint injuries
  • Balance issues
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoarthritis

4 Aerobic Exercises for an Amateur

On top of offering relaxation, your pools can also be an ideal setting for fat-burning workout routines. You’re performing a cardio session and resistance training every time you kick, push, or pull the water. You can quickly boost metabolism and burn calories, translating into a leaner, more muscular figure. It’s also gentle, making it a low-impact workout routine. You can work out without suffering from any injuries. Below are four of the water workout routines you try out.

But before everything else, you’ll have to make sure you maintain the pool properly to avoid problems after your workout. If you haven’t had your pool inspected, it would be best to call a pool maintenance company to do the work for you.

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1. Walking

Many health enthusiasts consider walking as the foundation of every workout. It allows you to experiment with the water’s resistance and movements while also getting the hang of it. In turn, you’ll get a full-body workout that will strengthen your arms, core, and lower body. You’ll have to start on the shallow part of the pool and walk until the water reaches your waist. You’ll have to straighten your spine and put pressure on your heels and toes. Hence, you shouldn’t be tiptoeing.

Your arms should also stay on your sides. While walking, move them back and forth to train your core muscles. Make sure to stand tall. Do this workout for around five to ten minutes or until the water reaches your shoulders. With the resistance getting higher, you’ll need more energy, allowing you to burn more calories.

2. The Bicycle

One of the workout exercises that promise the best results is the bicycle. Find an area in the pool where the water reaches your chest. Firstly, face the pool’s interior and lay back towards the sides. Bend your arms before putting your elbows on the deck. Doing that position will maintain your stability. Then, extend your legs and bend your knees. You’ll have to imagine you’re “pedaling” your bike.

Do this routine for as long as you can without getting too exhausted. It’ll help you burn calories, and the movements will tone and strengthen your core, shoulders, and legs.

3. The Ball

Many professionals recommend this workout routine for amateurs because it allows them to strengthen their core muscles and burn more fats. It’s also helpful for those wanting to trim down excess fats. You can use a beach ball or an inflated, waterproof one with a diameter of nearly twenty inches. Find an area in the pool where the water rises to your chest. Don’t forget to straighten your spine before raising your right leg.

Your left knee should be behind your right foot. Don’t forget to maintain an upright upper body. Both hands should be holding the ball before holding it in front of your stomach with your slightly bent arms. Don’t move for thirty minutes. Make sure to alternate it with the other leg and repeat it five times each.

4. Tuck Jump

Tuck jump is another excellent routine for strengthening your leg and core muscles while trimming your weight. It might sound easy; however, this can be challenging if you’re new and still lack muscle strength. Dive into an area where the water reaches your chest. From your standing position, jump vertically. Before raising your knees to your chest, you’ll have to bend them. Then, lift your legs.

Each jump will allow you to fortify your arms and core to help maintain your balance in the water and keep your torso upright.

Exercising in the pool is a physical activity that can be beneficial, including having an ideal environment to work out throughout the year. In addition, the water’s buoyancy can support a massive part of your body, making it easier to improve your flexibility and move while exercising. You can also do resistance training, strengthening your muscles.

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