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Workout Hacks: 4 Gym Equipment Alternatives You Can Find at Home

The past year and a half have been the most challenging period worldwide, as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused health and economic crises all over the world. Lives were lost, and the economy has dropped. As a result, businesses had to close down, putting many people out of jobs.

As science made the availability of the vaccine possible, many have got their lives back to normal. We can now enjoy the outdoors again. Businesses are back in operations. In addition, sporting and live events are back, though in a limited capacity for some. But the truth is, the virus is still very much around.

Because of this, several people still choose to stay at home. This is not exclusive to the elderly. Many people still choose to stay at home for health and safety reasons. And while at home, they would like to do things that they can do outside, including health and fitness.

If you are into fitness, you consider the gym your second home. Health buffs would say that the clanging of steel plates is music to their ears and that the smell of iron is sweet. But none of these are present at home.

Nonetheless, there are physical activities to make you sweat while at home. Simple exercises like push-ups, pull ups, and squats may feel satisfying. But they fail in comparison to lifting weights. You can also do household chores like gardening and cleaning, and they can do the trick. But these are things you need to hire professionals for. Excellent house cleaning services and gardeners can do a better job for you.

In any case, this article will discuss household items you can turn into gym equipment. These are suggestions to satisfy your longing for weightlifting.

1. Water Jug

Water jugs are the most common household item you can use for a home workout. When filled with water, one gallon is equivalent to 8.34 pounds. But one hack is to empty the bottle. Put the water in another container and fill the empty bottle with sand. Instantly, the weight increases by five more pounds.

Now, you can do some arm curls and triceps curls. You can also do a chest press. All you need is to tie up two water gallons at both ends of a steel bar. Lie down across a wooden bench. And you just made a home bench press.

2. Couch

This stationary furniture can help you with many other exercises. The most common is the elevated push-ups while both feet are on the couch. And another one is the triceps dips. But if you think you can handle the weight, then try lifting one end on repetition. While in a squatting position, you can do three sets of 10 reps. It gives you a full-body workout you can enjoy.

3. Backpack

This is something you carry around with you. So it is best to put some weight on it. If your backpack can take it, you can put as much canned food as your bag can contain. Then you can walk around with it or jog in place. Using jump ropes or doing jumping jacks will also provide that rush for weight training. By doing all these, you can enjoy a good cardio endurance workout.

4. Chairs

Take note that this is not some ordinary chair. Make sure that the chair is made out of hardwood and can withstand the impact of your weight. There are many workout exercises you can do with this kind of chair.

You can use it for squatting exercises by placing the chair behind you while looking in a mirror. Then slowly squat using the chair as your guide only. But you do not need to sit on it.

Until you are down to a 90-degree angle, that’s when you stop. Next, you can hold the squat position for ten counts. Then begin to pull yourself on an upward movement.

You can also use the chair as a plyometric box. If your wooden chair can take your impact, you can put it against an open wall. Making sure that the chair is a safe platform, then you can make repeated jumps. You can also get a partner to hold the chair in place or catch you when you fall.

There are many other things at home you can use for workouts. The whole point is to get your body moving with the purpose of becoming healthier. Besides, good health reflects strong immunity. This will make you safe and virus-free during this pandemic.

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