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You’re Underequipped For Keeping Yourself Cool This Summer

While summertime is fun and all, the one thing that definitely gets on everybody’s nerves is the unrelenting heat that keeps us sweating buckets from morning until night without rest. And while it may seem like we’ve learned our lesson the last year and have come up with a plan to best it, the heat still manages to win out no matter what we do to counteract the rising temperatures.

However, we’ve made it our goal to finally set the record straight and prepare ourselves for the summer heat, especially since we’ll be spending most of our time at home and with no other alternative to cool off on vacation. From simple fixes to some hefty home improvements, we will be pulling out all the stops to give you more than enough ways to keep cool until the leaves turn yellow and fall comes around.

#1 Your Wardrobe Is Going To See Some Changes

Although not many of us have gone shopping as of late, it’s time you get your online shopping game on because using the same baggy sweater and sweatpants combo will work to your absolute disadvantage every time the heat rolls up. Therefore, if you want to stay cool this summertime, then your wardrobe will most certainly need to see some changes these next couple of days.

  • Breathable Fabrics And Athletic Wear Take Priority: We recommend switching your style to more breathable fabrics that feature short sleeves or sleeveless options because these will keep your body temperature cooler. Normally, you’d find plenty of these options among the athletic wear you put on during intensive workouts, so feel free to start your search there.
  • Avoid Super-Fitting And Tight Clothing: One big no-no for your wardrobe this summertime is super-fitting and tight clothing because not only will you feel ten times the heat wearing them, but you’ll also feel all that sweat and discomfort. Sure, you could still wear them during the nighttime when the temperatures have gone down a bit, but you’re better off avoiding them until such time when the heat has given up.

#2 The House Might Need A Few Upgrades

Apart from your wardrobe, if you’ve got quite the budget to work with, then we strongly recommend diverting your gaze toward some much-need home upgrades. There’s only so much you can do by yourself when the house is underequipped, so don’t let the physical space hold you back from staying cool and comfortable this summertime.

  • Airconditioning System Might Not Be Up To Date: Much older homes suffer from very inefficient systems, especially the airconditioning that you’ll be relying on to fight the summer heat. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact your local heating and cooling service contractor to set your property up for an inspection and long overdue installation for something more up to date.
  • Get Yourself A Dehumidifier: If you don’t have that big of a budget to spare, then you could also go get yourself a dehumidifier instead of the big makeover. Sure, it won’t be cooling you off as effectively, but these small tools work wonders by taking all the moisture out from the air. As a result, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable hanging out inside a room.

#3 Tweaks To Your Daily Routine

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Last but not least, apart from equipping yourself with the right tools and in a well-suited environment, a couple of tweaks to your daily routine can go a long way in mitigating the effects of the summer heat. Of course, we know that simple changes won’t do anything drastic, but using them at the right time will undoubtedly feel like your saving grace when the heat’s just too hot to handle.

  • Use Cold Showers To Your Advantage: Cold showers aren’t a novel concept but, believe it or not, only a few people use them effectively against the relentless summer heat. We recommend that you either take a shower in the morning so that you can maintain a cooler body temperature throughout the day, or you could wait out when you need it most to get that reset.
  • Don’t Deny Cold Treats: Whipping yourself up some nice cold treats also go a long way in making the summer heat feel like nothing; in fact, popping a few cold drinks in the afternoon can feel like heaven under the right circumstances. Plus, if you’re more of the hands-on type, then we recommend making some homemade ice cream to chow down on after dinner.

Don’t Lose To The Summer Heat

Overall, while the summer heat is most definitely a problem, it’s not something we can’t manage if we play our cards right. So, take all the advice mentioned above, put them into action, and we can guarantee that this summer heat will feel more like a gentle breeze.

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