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How Your Home Affects Your Mood

There have never been more reasons to stay at home. For one, there’s the pandemic. Avoiding crowded places and staying put is a great way to reduce the chances of getting infected with the coronavirus. Another big reason is technology. Thanks to advanced devices and high-speed internet, you can do basically everything without moving from your bed. With just a few taps and swipes, you can work, do bank transactions, buy clothes, food, and even furniture.

With that said, a lot of people still prefer going outside whenever they have the time. Maybe they are just not homebodies. But perhaps they don’t feel good when they’re at home.

Here are the different ways your home can influence your mood:


Winter is an interesting season because it’s associated with very different events. There’s Christmas, one of the most popular holidays in the world. It’s a day of giving gifts, eating good food, and spending time with loved ones. But even weeks before the actual holiday, you’ll see bright, colorful lights around. To put it simply, the feelings all revolve around happiness, warmth, and togetherness.

On the other hand, the cold season is also linked with a condition that is called SAD or seasonal affective disorder. This type of depression typically occurs during the winter months. The lack of sunlight and low temperature can make some people feel sad, sluggish, and unmotivated. Basically, the opposite of Christmas feelings.

Thanks to technology, you can always control the temperature in your house. If you’re feeling too uncomfortable in the summer, you can always turn up the AC. In the winter, just a few adjustments on your heater and you’re good to go. Even if it broke all of a sudden, you can rent an emergency heater to warm up your house.


If you’ve ever looked for an apartment, you’ll know that sunlight is a big factor. For example, there are two apartments that are similar in square footage and location. The difference is one has bigger windows and is on a higher floor. It will almost always have a higher price than the other one. This is because sunlight is a big factor in people’s moods. In fact, a study has found that people living in homes with limited sunlight access are more likely to be depressed.

If you happen to live in a place with very little natural light, there are ways you can maximize it. One method is to use mirrors. You can use it to reflect light on parts of a room that’s not very well lit. Another way is to compensate using artificial light. Use different light sources to make sure that there are no dark spots in your home. If you’re worried about the electricity bill, make sure to buy Energy Star-approved light bulbs.

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Unsurprisingly, sleep is a significant factor when it comes to mood. Studies over the years have shown that lack of sleep can lead to stress, exhaustion, and anger. When you think about it, it all makes sense. Nowadays, people have very little time for themselves. They spend eight hours of their day working. Give or take an hour or two for preparations and travel time. Once you get home, you spend the time left for your other responsibilities. Sleep is really the only time you have to rest during the weekdays. Take that away and anyone will feel cranky.

On the bright side, there’s a way to address this issue. One way is to focus on your comfort. Your bed may have gotten lumpy over the years and it may be the time for a change. Make sure that you’re sleeping in the right position. It could be the cause of your bad sleep quality or back problems.


Besides physical factors like temperature and comfort, visuals matter, too. Research by Princeton University has shown that clutter can cause stress and distraction. Additionally, a study has revealed that beautiful places have a positive impact on people’s physical health.

Even without research studies, it’s easy to imagine that it would be difficult to work when there’s a mess everywhere. If you want to work productively from home, it’s time to get rid of things you might not need and sort out your desk.

No matter the age, gender, or nationality, people are the same. They’re affected by their environment. And what environment do they spend the most time in? Their homes.

If you ever want to pick up a new hobby, why not try DIY home improvement projects. It won’t just improve your house’s property value. It can also lift your spirits up, too.

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