How to Keep Your Car Cool on Sunny Days

Anyone who parks their car outside all day knows the terrible feeling of walking into a boiling vehicle all too well. There are a few things worse than coming back to your car that’s been parked under a scorching sun on a hot day and having to enter that aluminum cauldron and sit on the burning surface of the seat. Inside cars, the temperature can reach 40º to 50º Fahrenheit more than outside. It can be even worse in hot and humid climates, like in the Mediterranean or Salt Lake City, where car window tinting is a must. Here are some tips to keep your car cooler this summer so that you can have a carefree ride.

Use a Sunshade or Dash Cover

Windshield sunshades are protective shields that can be fitted to a car’s windshield to protect and shield the interior from the sun and as lower the temperature inside the vehicle. Similarly, dash covers can be fitted to prevent the sun from heating your dashboard and can go a long way toward making your ride more comfortable. It prevents the vinyl surface of the dashboard from heating up so that you won’t have to touch that hot surface when you get into your car. These are both tried and tested, classic solutions. Investing in either or both is worthwhile to protect your car from sun damage and heat.

Tint Your Windows

tinting the car

Window tint is done by applying thin laminate film to the interior or exterior of glass surfaces, most commonly the windows. Window tints can reflect or absorb UV light and keep your car in cool temperature while also protecting your interior from damage. There are certain things to be aware of, though, with window tinting. There are different state laws on window tinting, and you should check with your local motor vehicle authorities before tinting to make sure that you’re complying with the law. Some cars come with a factory tint. But this is usually not the same as applying the laminate film. It is done through dyeing the windows instead. This means that while it would have the same aesthetic effect, it would not have the same UV protection. You can even do this at home.

Park in the Shade

Yes, this is the most obvious answer. If your car isn’t out in the sun, it won’t heat up as much. As a result, especially in summer, parking in the shade is the easiest way to keep your car temperature from going through the roof. Alternatively, consider parking in garages or parking lots that are covered to protect your car from the sun. Perhaps it might be a little inconvenient—you might have to park further away and walk more—but at the end of the day, when you return to your normal temperature, not on fire car, you’ll thank yourself that you have done it.

There are other ways of reducing the temperature in your car, such as using a fan and throwing blankets over your seats and steering wheel. You may even try the inconclusive urban legend of cracking your windows to reduce the temperature. But if you want guaranteed results, be sure to try the methods suggested and enjoy driving around this summer without overheating.

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