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How to Keep the Spark Alive without Leaving Home

According to some couples who have been in a long-term relationship, most relationships get boring when you seem to have already known everything about each other. And when there’s nothing new, the fun and excitement fade. But it’s keeping the spark alive that makes the relationship last. So what can you do? Maybe adding twists to your date can breathe new life into your romance. And the quarantine period couldn’t be a better time to do it.

1. Fireplace

Does having a date in front of the fireplace sound romantic to you? You cannot go wrong with this idea. Home-cooked meals such as Alfredo pasta and wine are the ideal combination. Then give the utensils a fine arrangement like that of a fine dining restaurant. With a single rose and scented candle on the table, it would feel like having dinner at a fancy restaurant. Surprising your partner with a romantic dinner will surely melt their heart.

After dinner, you can stay cozy throughout the night while the wood crackles in the fireplace. But don’t forget to give your air duct general cleaning before the date. Otherwise, the chilly breeze of fall will ruin your night.

2. Breakfast in bed

Can’t wait to see your fiance smile the moment they wake up in the morning? Why not give them breakfast in bed. Serving your significant other breakfast while they’re still curled up under the blanket makes them feel special.

Try cooking them pancakes, then top them with fresh strawberries and maple syrup. Keep things interesting by having funny conversations while enjoying breakfast together. It’s a simple yet romantic gesture that can surely make your partner happy.

3. Balcony picnic

This quarantine period will give you more than enough time to turn your balcony into a picnic spot. Just like a typical picnic in the park, spread the blanket down the floor, then you can share the delicious snacks you prepare while having an overview of the entire city.

The evening version can include thick sweaters, hot chocolate drinks, and garlic bread. Go stargazing while reminiscing about how you first met. Most people prefer dining at a fancy restaurant or drinking coffee at an upscale cafe. But you can stay low key by having a picnic right in your balcony.

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4. Outdoor game night

You can maximize the use of your outdoor space by turning it into a leisure activity spot. There, you can play board games, poker cards, or scrabble, with the company of finger food and refreshing beverages.

It will keep you both entertained while you’re home. Since you cannot play sports, playing games at your outdoor space sounds like a better alternative. Much better than playing or watching sports games on the Internet.

5. Poetry reading

Got some poetic side in you? Now is your chance to express it! You can hold an open mic event right in your living room. Try reading each other the most popular classic poems such as Sonnet 18, How Do I Love Thee?, and Since There’s No Help. Are you feeling more inspired? Try writing poetry then. That couldn’t be a better way to express what you truly feel.

6. Camping in the backyard

Maybe you have an adventurous side, and you can’t wait for the COVID-19 to go away so you can go hiking and camping. Why wait any longer when your backyard can be your camping site?

Just ready your sleeping bags, pitch a tent, and light the firewood. The next thing you know, you are already enjoying the peaceful night and autumn breeze. Thanks to the cool wind, you two can have a quiet evening without having to worry about insect bites. Most bugs bury themselves in the barks to protect themselves from the cold.

7. Spa Date Night

So it has probably been a while since you’ve had a therapeutic massage. And you want to get pampered and feel relaxed after a rough week without spending that much. Why not try a DIY spa date night? All you need is a home spa kit which can include:

  • Face masks
  • Body butter
  • Salt scrub
  • Essential oils

Set the ambiance with candlelight and an oil diffuser, then play some soothing music. After giving each other a relaxing massage, you can chill and enjoy each other’s company while having champagne or wine

There you have it! The great alternatives for outdoor dates that can sure spice things up in your relationship while you are both stuck at home.

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