How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Backyard Pool

A lot of people consider their swimming pools as an investment. It's where they create fun memories and bonding moments with their family and friends. However, you might end up spoiling your investment if you fail to do maintenance tasks regularly. Some tasks allow you to use your swimming pool daily without issues, but some jobs can help you extend its lifespan by about five to 10 years. You might not be able to do these tasks regularly, but you should never forget them when it is time to give your swimming pool major maintenance.

Coat the Walls

Most maintenance tasks for the swimming pool involves water. However, you will need to pay attention to the pool walls if you want to extend its lifespan. Pool owners often disregard wall maintenance because they have to drain the water. However, you might notice that there are dirty spots and moss buildup. If you want to keep your pool water healthy, you need to install pool coating systems.

Use a Cover

A lot of homeowners choose not to cover their swimming pools because of its wide area. There might not be a lot of problems by doing so, but you could be putting your water at risk of dead leaves, debris, and dirt. If you are going away on a vacation, your pool might attract pests if it doesn't have a cover. You will need a lot of chemicals when your pool gets dirty, too. Chemicals can deteriorate the walls of your swimming pool. You will also be able to protect your pool from the sun, whose UV damage can damage plaster walls. Covering the pool may not be necessary if you are using it every day, but it will have positive effects on its lifespan.

Repaint Cracks

Sudden weather changes can damage the pool's surface. That's because the hot summer season and the cold winter nights could shorten the lifespan of your pool walls. You will need chemicals for maintenance, but you will notice that they have adverse effects. You will notice a lot of cracks in your pool walls over time. If you want to avoid moss buildup, you should consider repainting or replastering your walls. You may replaster the pool after 10 years to help extend its lifespan. You will also need a new paint job every four years if you want to keep your pool healthy.

Backyard pool with family

Pump Maintenance

The pump is responsible for regulating the flow of your swimming pool. The machine will make the mix between water and chemicals evenly distributed. Most pumps can reach up to seven years before failing. If you want to extend its lifespan, you will have to do regular maintenance. You need to watch out for pump leaks if you want your pool to have a healthy mix of water and chlorine. As pumps are electric motors, you should check if the machine is overheating. If you notice that it is becoming hot, you should consider resting the pump for at least a week.

Pool installation costs a lot of money. However, you will make a lot of good memories with your family for many years. If you want to get your money's worth, you must regularly do maintenance tasks to give your pool a longer lifespan.

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