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Staying Fit at Home: Five Home Renovation Projects That Double as Exercises

Renovating your house is a dream come true. You get to be creative and design the perfect space for yourself and your family. And yet, it can also feel like a daunting task that takes up all of your time and energy.

But what if there were an easy way to do this? What if instead of just focusing on designing the perfect living spaces, you can work out while you renovate our home? That may sound impossible or even crazy at first, but in reality, it’s not only possible but also healthy. Here are some ways you can turn renovations into exercise sessions so you can have more time to enjoy life outside of working on your project.

1. Lift and Carry Your Materials

You’ll be surprised how much stronger you’ll get by carrying carpet and carpet padding, drywall, plywood, and two-by-fours around. It might feel like a ton at first, but the strength benefits will be worth it. Instead of hiring professional movers for this job, get some of your friends to come to help you out. You’ll have a great time with them while getting in shape.

2. Fence Installation

You might want to consider fencing your property while you’re at it, especially if you have children or pets running around outside all the time. Getting some new fences installed will require bending over and squatting on the floor many times, which turns these cleaning chores into exercises. It’s a great way to get in shape while also keeping your family members safe.

3. Cleaning Out the Garage

Garages are the perfect place to store things that you never touch. And because of this, they can become messy and disorganized. Take some time out of your renovations to go through all the stuff in it so you can clear up some space for yourself. It’s a great way to work off all those Thanksgiving meals with simple cleaning activities.

While you’re in there, you might want to upgrade a few garage fixtures. Installing new ceiling fans will leave you with plenty of work to do. You’ll have to lift the fan off of the ground and then hold it up while you screw in new brackets. You can even upgrade to an automatic garage door. But for this, you’ll need a garage door installation service to do that for you. You can burn a few calories helping them bring in their supplies, though.

4. Laying the Flooring

Flooring is one of the most exciting parts of renovating your house because it makes everything look so much better. However, you’ll need to lift and carry all those tiles, sheets, or boards around before you can install them. It’s a great way to work out for an hour or two while making your home look great.

5. Painting the Walls

Painting is one of the best yet underrated ways to burn extra calories. You’d be surprised how much energy it takes up to paint a few walls or replace light fixtures. Instead of hiring professionals, why not do the painting yourself? This will give you plenty of time to go around with a paint roller or brush and engage in some fun bodyweight exercises.

Safety First

Of course, it’s essential to keep safety in mind while doing these things. You don’t want to sacrifice your health or the health of your family for these projects. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before starting these exercises because some of them are pretty strenuous. You’ll also need to inform your insurance provider in case any of your projects go awry.

Make sure to do some light warm-up exercises to get the blood pumping a little bit. You can even take a short jog around the house or the area to get the body warmed up. You don’t want to work out on an empty stomach either. Always have breakfast first thing in the morning before you start your project to have enough energy to last all day.

You don’t want to wear anything uncomfortable or constrictive, but it should still protect you in terms of work clothes. Wearing work gloves, boots, and safety goggles will keep you from getting any serious injuries. You can even buy some outfits meant for manual labor to ensure that anyone who sees you doing the project knows you mean business. On the other hand, you might get hot and sweaty doing some of these exercises. You’ll be better off in loose-fitting clothes with plenty of ventilation.

All in all, working out while doing renovations is a great way to stay fit. It’s even better if you can get other people involved or convince your friends and family members to start this healthy new hobby with you.

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