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Making Your Small Living Room Look Spacious and Breathable

One of the most useful tricks to make a room spacious is to limit the clutter. It’s probably not a trick, but a basic home maintenance task. In another sense, there are a lot of other ways to make your space more comfortable and roomy. Whether adding a piece of decor or removing o piece of furniture, it can make a difference.

Decluttering and organizing

As established, this is one of the basic and the simplest thing you can do to your space. Clutter around your home isn’t just something that you leave on the floor or something in someplace that doesn’t belong there. It’s the material things that you don’t need and gives you nothing but less space to breathe in.

Take a look at your decors, for example. Do you really need that much? If you’re trying to look impressive and aesthetic, putting too many decors and cluttering a space isn’t doing you a favor. Maximizing your space isn’t the only way to make a place feel honey. You should be okay with having an empty space as well.

If you haven’t realized, too many things in your home can hinder you from the life you want to live. May it be a piece of furniture or clothing. Some things may be too sentimental for you to throw out, but you don’t have to start there. You can start with the most unnecessary things. This way, you can also start engaging in new and improved ways of storage and organizing.

Once you’ve achieved your decluttering and organizing tasks, not only will it provide changes in the appearance of your home, but with your mental health as well. You’re less stressed since you’re now easier to find things. There is more space to walk through and around, and you can breathe more easily.

Increasing height

One clever way to create an illusion of a higher ceiling is by using paint. You choose a bold paint color for your walls, although not painting them all the way up to the top. Then the rest can be white or any neutral color you prefer. Doing this will create an attraction to light but not directly gazing at the ceiling. It makes your space look higher in the top third of your walls.

Another way to add height to your space is by arranging artwork, instead of making a collage. Stack your artwork pieces vertically from near the ceiling to reach new heights of the wall. This way, people can pay attention to the height because of how you arranged the pieces of artwork.

Going for a neutral-colored sofa

A neutral couch for your living room can lighten the space and make it feel easy to breathe. Plain sofas are fine, but it’s also worth considering opting for styles with certain details, such as curves, buttons, or fluting. Stylish details add character and aesthetics to your small space without overbearing other parts of your living room.

If you have a plain neutral sofa, you can add bold-colored cushions or go for an accent chair with a brave design. Buying the right sofa can provide you with the right spacing and color for your living room.

Letting more natural light in

a nice living room

Lighting can make a huge difference in a room. Natural light makes a space feel larger. If you’re not willing to renovate to install new windows, setting up new lighting in your living room can be a good option too. It may not be as beneficial as natural light, but it can work, depending on how they’re arranged and where they’re placed.

Using mirrors to broaden

Mirrors can create an illusion and make a room look more spacious than it actually is. This can work perfectly if you have smaller windows that you’re not willing to renovate. Place a mirror across each of the windows so natural light spreads across the room as well. You can use mirrors even without the windows and you can still make the room look spacious.

Opting for wall lights

While there are some floor lamps that are thin enough to save space, wall and ceiling lamps can do you better. It’s all about saving floor space in order for the room not to feel so cluttered. With this, you can make more space for more important stuff, such as a high-quality wood-burning stove or space heater. You can even leave a space empty to make the room more breathable.

Again, it looks better if you plan it thoroughly before proceeding with installing them. You don’t want uncomfortable and awkward lighting in your living room or in any room at that.

Having a small living room will make you learn how to focus on the more important stuff in order to create space. Sometimes, it can challenge your creativity as well. If you think it’s overwhelming now, wait until you experience all the space that you’ve created.

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