Give in to Your Nesting Instincts – It May Make you Happier!

At some point during a woman’s pregnancy, they may feel strange new urges, from cleaning, organizing, stocking up to decluttering in a frenzy. This sensation is called ‘nesting,’ and it affects most expectant moms. ; However, it doesn’t happen to everyone, so if you’re worried you’re not having any nesting urges, don’t be as it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you or your baby. But if you do feel the urge, it’s best to give in.

To help you understand more about this phenomenon, here’s what you need to know about it — from discussing what exactly it is, signs, to why you should embrace it.

What Exactly is Nesting?

Nesting is the abrupt spike of energy pregnant women feel during the last few weeks of their pregnancy, giving them the motivation to clean and organize everything, from rearranging their fine china in the kitchen to painting the garage doors in your house. In essence, it’s a phenomenon that instills a random obsession with housekeeping in women. Nesting has its roots in evolution. Just as birds instinctively build nests to protect their young, humans also desire to make their living spaces look and feel like home when their babies arrive.

Signs of Nesting

Throughout pregnancy, expect to have random energy spikes and lulls, but when you experience a sudden burst of energy and focus that’s stronger than usual — you’re probably nesting. Although it can start any time during pregnancy, for some, it’s a sign that labor is approaching.

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Here are more signs indicating that you’re nesting.

The Urge to Clean Everything

This ‘urge’ doesn’t pertain to your routine cleaning duties such as dusting or doing the dishes. It’s usually intense and deep cleaning, from getting up under the grimiest crevices of your house and scrubbing areas you’ve never paid attention to before. Additionally, this urge doesn’t go away fast, meaning you’re down to make your bathroom spotless at 3 in the morning.

Looking for Household Items You Never Realized You Needed Before

Whether it’s a glass salad bowl or a new table runner, you may feel the sudden urge to find the most unusual items you never realized you needed beforehand. Nesting lets you feel like your home wouldn’t be complete without these items, especially when the baby arrives.

Organizing Your Older Child’s Clothes

If you have older children, you may find yourself organizing their clothes obsessively. Whether it’s your kids’ school uniforms or Halloween costume for next year, you’ll experience the urge to store and fold them neatly and properly.

Excessively Buying

When nesting, besides the urge to compulsively clean around the house, you may also experience the need to shop for different items. Not just things for your baby — but the rest of the house. From new bedsheets to a lovely new doormat, you’ll have the urge to buy everything to ensure your baby’s comfort when they arrive at home.

Should You Give In to Nesting?

Whether you give in to nesting or not will depend on your current situation, but generally, it’s best to embrace the phenomenon with open arms. That’s because it ensures your home is clean and safe in advance of your baby’s arrival. Just make sure you do it safely. For instance, when handling cleaning products, make sure to read their labels to ensure they’re not toxic, and wear protective equipment like gloves for extra protection.

If you feel your nesting instincts kicking in right as you’re preparing for the birth of your child, it’s best to give in and make the most of it now — before schedules become too hectic and fast-paced.

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