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Gift Ideas for Her: Celebrating a Year of Love

It’s your first anniversary. Time passed by so fast. It seemed only yesterday when you were pursuing her. Now, your relationship had reached an important milestone. It’s the first of many more to come. You are currently on the quest to give her the perfect gift to commemorate this. Here are some ideas that can appeal to her.

A Symbol of Your Commitment

It might be too early to take your relationship to the next level. But, you want to pledge your devotion to your lady love. A promise ring designed for women is an excellent choice. It is a symbol that you want to grow with her in your relationship through the ups and downs.

Choose one that will not be a bother for her lifestyle. Traditional rings made of metal sometimes leave marks on surfaces. Some fall off and get lost. Pick a design that will blend well with her busy lifestyle and will fit her like a second skin. This way, she will look at the ring and only have happy thoughts of you.

A Special Bucket List

You have been to some wonderful dates and places together. But, you know that there would be more. To keep both of you excited, create a bucket list of future dates. Ask her beforehand the things she would love to do. Add some of yours, too.

A tin can with a lid or a glass jar would be a suitable container to keep these ideas. Use small pieces of paper or Popsicle sticks to put the date ideas on. Then, you can pick one in the can and jar and agree on it whenever you feel like crossing off an item on your list. If you do not want it to be random, have your list written in calligraphy on a special paper. Have a beautiful box for it. This way, you can both choose what you like to cross out on the list first. You can even cross off one on your anniversary date.

Another take on this is to have a map (a town, state, or world map) framed for your travel bucket list. Color or put pushpins on the places you have been. Choose another place you haven’t been to as a date idea. Then, you are off to an adventure with your lady love.

A Set of Memories

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In a world of digital photos, your girlfriend will be delighted to see printed pictures of you as a couple. Choose the best ones from your phone gallery or social media accounts. Set them up in a printed collage. You can form the number 1 to symbolize your first anniversary or design the photos in a heart.

Another option is to shape your initials using the pictures. Then, have the collage framed. Your lady love will be happy looking at it as often as she could.

A Soothing Item

Girls love to pamper themselves. You can give her anything that you know will rejuvenate her. Facial masks, shower gels, or body creams all fit in this list. You can also look in packages that hold spa items together. She will be thankful to you for being thoughtful to her needs. When she feels rejuvenated and relaxed, she will feel more beautiful, too.

A Simple But Classic Gift

One of the gifts that never grow old is a bouquet. Different blooms hold different meanings. She will appreciate this simple but classic gift. She may even keep the dried petals of the bouquet as a reminder of your first anniversary.

You can look at more gift ideas for this special occasion. You can also do a combination of these suggestions. But above all gifts, your love is the greatest she will receive.

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